5 Recommendations of Thrillers in Audiobook

Hello bookworms!

I love thrillers – and I tend to listen to them more than read in print or e-book, and I enjoy listening to something gripping while I’m walking somewhere or if I’m going to the market on my own, sometimes cleaning, too. I end up reading a lot of thrillers, and today I’m recommending the best ones I listened to! I think audiobook thrillers are a great way to do long walks, if you’re trying to get more of those done, or to do some light jogging while listening to someone getting stabbed, it can really help take your mind out of your shin splits.

Blog Divider Stillhouse Lake Rachel Caine truly devious maureen johnson lock every door by riley sager

Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine / Goodreads

Stillhouse Lake is the story of a woman whose husband has been discovered to be a serial killer, and is now in jail. She and her children changed their names and try their best to live normal lives, but they are haunted by trauma, shock and threats from people who refuse to believe that the wife of a serial killer knew nothing of the horrific things happening right under her nose. They move to a house near the lake and hope to start over, but it looks like their cover might be busted and her husband’s “fans” could just get to them…

The audio narration for this is really amazing, it fits the main character so well. I was hooked on this and if I remember correctly, finished the book in a day. Still one of the best thrillers that are out there, in my opinion!

Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson / Goodreads

This is a really fun one – Truly Devious tell the story of a girl who gets into a school where it’s impossibly hard to get accepted to, unless you are really rich and talented. She chooses to specialize in the murder that happened in that same school many years ago and that was never solved. I truly enjoyed this whodunit, which is uniquely told in three books (and the third is JUST out, so you can just binge-listen to them!).

Lock Every Door by Riley Sager / Goodreads

The narrator does such a stellar job differentiating between voices with this book, you immediately know who’s talking. It also gave me the creeps! Lock Every Door tells the story of a girl who gets the luckiest job in the world: apartment sitting at a fancy building where her favorite childhood book takes place. She has no one left, except a best friend, with her family either dead or missing, and really needs the money. If she can stay three weeks, she’ll have enough to start over. But there is something creepy going on, and when one of the apartment sitters disappears, she fears she might be next.

my lovely wife samantha downing the wife between us greer hendricks sarah pekkanen

My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing / Goodreads

My Lovely Wife is the story of a couple who decided to spice their marriage up by… committing murder. Told through the perspective of the husband, he tells the story of them choosing the next victim, planning the next attack and perfecting their technique… as well as trying to raise their children to be confident, strong and safe. This is so twisty and crazy and you almost end up cheering for the murderers, it’s so much fun. I went through a 7-hour bus trip listening to this and was NOT bored. Really a great book and fantastic narration!

The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen / Goodreads

This is such a twisty book! In The Wife Between Us, nothing is really as it seems. An ex-wife who’s obsessively stalking the new wife maybe has other reasons that aren’t the obvious ones. The perfect husband hides dark secrets. This takes the “husband too-perfect-to-be-true-is-really-a-monster-and-the-happy-wife-is-actually-a-victim” trope to a whole new level. It’s not hard to guess that the perfect marriage isn’t so perfect – but I never saw the actual twists coming!

11 thoughts on “5 Recommendations of Thrillers in Audiobook

  1. Atmosphere and setting is so important in thrillers so it’s always great to see it well translated into audiobook format. I found issues with My Lovely Wife but I can see it working really well as an audiobook.


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