The Sunday Snuggle: Weekly Wrap Up & #FFFeb Progress W7/2020

Hello readers!

By the end of last week, February was 25% done and I’d read 1 book and a half of my 9 planned for the February TBR, so it looked… a bit challenging. This week, I finally finished Harrow the Ninth, which is a 500-page read that I didn’t quite account for; somehow I thought it would be like 300 pages and I’d be done with it by Friday last week. Instead, it took me until the Monday after. But now it’s Sunday and I managed to finish Harrow, Exciting Times and Apartment. I read a bit of Final Girls (which is really good) and started The Sun Down Motel (which is really good, too!). I ended up DNF one book, so my “wrap up” looks quite long, especially considering two of the books I read were quite short.

This week I got from Edelweiss:

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Weekly Wrap Up

harrow the ninth tamsyn muir final girls riley sager exciting times noise dolan

Harrow the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir / eARC Review ★★★★☆

I did end up giving it 4 stars because the book was actually pretty good, the plot twists really mind-blowing, but I was disappointed in it a little! I am still very excited for book 3, though!

Final Girls by Riley Sager / Goodreads Ongoing

I started this in audiobook by bullying, I mean, suggestion of my sister. I adored Lock Every Door, so I’m pretty excited for this! I listened to it during a couple runs this week and it creeped me out, so it’s definitely a good book.

Exciting Times by Naoise Dolan / Goodreads Review to come ★★★★☆

This was such an interesting novel, with one of the types of main characters I love reading the most: an unlikable woman with dry humor. The plot (and the ending) lacked a little for me, but I really enjoyed it otherwise. Oh, and it has a Sapphic main character, which is great and helped my #FFFeb goals.

apartment teddy wayne indelicacy amina cain the sun down motel simone st james

Apartment by Teddy Wayne / Goodreads Review to come ★★★☆☆

I then picked up one of my most anticipated novels, about a very privileged young man who wants to be a writer and meets another young man, Billy, in his writing program. Billy desperately needs somewhere to stay, and when they move in together, their friendship at first seems perfect, but slowly starts to crumble. I love the premise of this, the power imbalance and social classes discussion, the fact that it’s about writers, but in the end I found the writing a bit exhausting and the main characters insufferable. I suppose they’re meant to be insufferable, though, but I could not quite get too emotionally involved.

Indelicacy by Amina Cai / Goodreads DNF

I was very interested in the premise of this book: a woman who works cleaning a gallery but dreams of writing ends up marrying a rich man and, instead of having her dreams come true, realizes all she did was fill up her time with being a wife and making someone else clean up after her. To follow her dream and keep on writing, she must leave him. I did not agree with the writing style at all, its too stilted and cold for me, I could not feel any emotional connection to the story. I think for a reader that enjoys more “bare bones” kind of literature, this will be a much better fit.

The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James / Goodreads Ongoing

Tired of mediocre reads, I picked up a book I fully expect to be amazing, and so far it hasn’t disappointed! It’s a ghostly whodunit about a girl who is trying to find out what happened to her aunt, who disappeared in 1982 in the Sun Down Motel.

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What did you read this week?

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