The Book that Inspired me to Start Running

Hello readers!

Running is a hobby I never expected to pick up in my lifetime – I am short, with the kind of body that builds muscle more easily than it does aerobics, and I’m famously terrible at breathing (I have asthma) and at not fainting (I have vasovagal syndrome). However, I’ve been running for about a year now, and it’s for sure because I picked up this book:

It’s Not Like It’s a Secret, by Misa Sugiura


It’s Not Like It’s a Secret is a typical YA romance novel, it’s maybe not as groundbreaking and fantastic as I remember it, but it was life-changing for me. It was one of the first positive F/F representations I read, and with a Latina no less. The main character is a Japanese-American teen who says she has the wrong body type for running, and yet tries it, and keeps going. She even learns to enjoy it and feel mentally better afterwards. I craved that mental clarity that she described when she talked about running, the anxious energy leaving your body and instead pumping your heart, and thought maybe I should give it a go, even though I, too, didn’t have the body or mental toughness for it. I know it sounds silly, but that little push was all I needed, that little bit of representation of someone who doesn’t have the typical body of a runner and natural athleticism still actually go and do it. It was a case of the perfect book at the perfect time, even if my reading tastes have changed so much since then.

I always visualized runners as tall, lean and (unbelievably) morning people, whereas I am short, soft and grumpy before noon. I was also overweight when I started out, which meant I had to take extra steps to make sure I ran safely and comfortably (I have a post about it: Running as an Overweight Woman).

I didn’t expect to like running so much. I’ve always been sedentary and had a few health issues that make running more difficult, so becoming a runner was not something I really envisioned for myself. It is a constant physical and mental struggle. It’s not as easy as “put on your shoes and run”, especially for someone as unfit as I was. Luckily I am stubborn and have an amazing support system that kept me going, and then one day I realized I actually enjoyed it. My health has never been so good – I sleep better, I am hardly ever sick for more than a day or two, my asthma is much improved. I feel light on my feet. I love running. I am not fast, I’m not lean, I’m not very mentally tough and my running form is vaguely ridiculous (I am TIGHT on the shoulders) but I am still going.

On March 2019, I finished my first 1K huffing and puffing, face bright red, lungs hurting and with my shins on fire. On July 2019 I ran my first 5K. Now I am training for a 10K and I am so proud of myself.

I hope that, if you were considering running but think you’ll be no good at it, that you will give it a try anyway. Try and keep trying, even if you think you suck at it. You’re still a runner, and that is something to be proud of!


7 thoughts on “The Book that Inspired me to Start Running

  1. Great post! I also just started running last February 2019 to “get in shape”, but I didn’t expect to like it so much either. Like you, I love the mental clarity it affords (especially on long runs), and it helps take the edge off my anxiety. I remember reading “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall while training for my 10k and I was so inspired by it. Best of luck in your training! 🙂

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    • Thank you, Gilana! And thank you for the recommendation, I will check it out. I hope to find it inspiring like you did! It’s exciting to see other book bloggers commenting sometimes with their own stories about running. It’s really inspiring. Happy running to us both! 🙂

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  2. This has inspired me haha! I have been running on and off on the treadmill but haven’t really stuck with it! I am also short and not the running type 😂 I am going to give it the old college try and push through! Great post 😊

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    • That’s so nice to read! 🙂 🙂 I need an extra push from time to time to go running, so I am glad if you got a little encouragement from this psot! Good luck and have fun with your run!

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    • That is true. I felt the same when I started again (although I only stopped for like, 4 months or so), but I think as long as you have mental endurance, you can reach your “old” fitness level somewhat quickly 🙂 At least that’s how I felt! I trained and was “fitter” last year before stopping, but this year I am more motivated and got better much quicker than I expected. Let me know if you start running again, I am not that great at running (I’m doing a 10K training and it’s a PAINFULLY SLOW pacing) and it might make you feel better lol

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