Weekly Wrap Up + Women’s Prize for Fiction 2020 Haul (W11/2020)

Hello readers!

I hope everyone is doing ok with the state of things these days. I am sorry for people staying home and feeling lonely, so maybe that’s a nice time for the bookish community to shine! If you feel lonely, reach out to other bloggers, most of us will be happy to make small talk and discuss books with others. Just because some of us can’t leave the house, doesn’t mean we can’t chat and stay social from our couches!

I bought a few books from the WP longlist, and they’re so beautiful! Those three are the ones where I was putting all my hopes of high start ratings, at least the time I purchased them (by now I’ve finished 1 and half of them, and I have Thoughts). Now that I’ve finished also Queenie and How We Disappeared, I actually am positively surprised that I’m enjoying the longlist so far! This sounds weird to say, but I have been seeing lots of negative reviews lately, so I’m just happy it’s a nice experience so far.

I am debating, however, dropping Girl by Edna O’Brien from my TBR. I’ve heard nothing but bad things about the book and I am not terribly fond of the idea of a white Irish woman writing the story of a girl from Nigeria being kidnapped by Boko Haram. I just… it doesn’t sit well with me. That, plus hearing that the book is not that great either, has made me wonder if I want to spend money and time on it. Do I stick to my plan to read the entire longlist or should I skip books I know I’ll actively hate?? Vote:

This week I bought:

the mirror and the light hilary mantel actress anne enright weather by jenny offill

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Weekly Wrap Up

How we disappeared by Jing-Jing Lee queenie candice carty williams weather by jenny offill

How We Disappeared by Jing-Jing Lee / Review 4 stars

I finished my first read for the Women’s Prize for Fiction longlist, and gosh this was heartbreaking. I posted a review last Tuesday (link above), so you can see my full thoughts there, but this WWII story set in Singapore puts in the spotlight the Asian side of the war, which is not taught much in school (for my country, at least) or talked about much in the media. I thought this was captivating and more of a page-turner than I expected.

Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams / Review 4 stars

Oh, this too broke my heart. I think it’s not an easy book to like, especially because Queenie becomes more and more unlikable as her mental health deteriorates, but I related so much to it. I didn’t love the writing, and didn’t love the structure and pacing either, but the emotional punch was worth 5 stars, so I compromised with 4!

Weather by Jenny Offill / Goodreads 3 stars

I hoped to love this book, it’s witty and the writing is so good, and I love that it’s about climate change anxiety, however, I wanted a bit more out of this book, it felt in the end a little too short and not quite going deep enough. The worst, I think, is not that the book lacked something or that I wanted more from it, but that I think I’ll forget about it pretty soon… which is a pity! Still a good read, for a specific kind of reader.

actress anne enright the king of crows libba bray

Actress by Anne Enright / Goodreads Ongoing

I’m loving this so far! It’s giving me a little bit of Evelyn Hugo vibes, and it’s so addictive. If it gets just a little bit more exciting (I’m only 22% through), I think it might be my first 5 star in the WP longlist!

The King of Crows by Libba Bray / Goodreads Ongoing

I advanced a bit on the audiobook! It’ll last me a little while longer, but I’m excited/scared to see how this series ends. I’m a bothered with the use of the N-word, and I wonder that this last book didn’t get edited, considering there was backlash on the previous books already. I understand the author is trying to have the correct atmosphere and language of the time, but really… anyway! Other than that, the book is dark and intense, is making me so anxious.

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What did you read this week?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up + Women’s Prize for Fiction 2020 Haul (W11/2020)

  1. Personally, I wouldn’t read Girl but I understand not liking the unfinished aspect of the list! I finished Ducks, Newburyport and am now working on Apeirogon by Colum McCann. I also managed to pick up The Mercies from the library before it closed indefinitely. Fortunately, I never lack things to read!


  2. I’m so happy to hear you’re mostly having a good time with the Women’s Prize list so far! I’m just getting started (finally) so I still have all those fresh-list hopes even though I’m getting the impression a lot of readers aren’t thrilled with the list. Queenie, How We Disappeared, and Actress are all titles I’m really hoping to like, so it’s encouraging that you’ve been enjoying them!


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