Where I’ve Been – We’ve Eloped! (+ Weekly Wrap)

Hello readers!

I’ve been gone for a couple weeks and I’m dreadfully late with reading everyone’s posts! As you can imagine, due to the pandemic a lot of things have been chaotic right now, and for the first time since this blog was created in 2017, I didn’t have the time/energy to post, nor anything scheduled for an entire week and half! Of course, my work schedule has been crazy and I’ve tried to focus lately on getting enough sleep and food and trying to de-stress as much as possible when I’m home. Which meant, for those few days, a break from blogging, too. Now I’m starting to get used to the new schedule and starting to run, read and blog again.

But on to the good news: I got married!

We eloped, basically. It was entirely unexpected (well, as far as it can be, considering I was engaged already), since we had a different date planned and my family was coming over from Brazil and we had a honeymoon planned, too. But things have been so uncertain right now that we just decided to do it as soon as possible, called in and got an appointment for two days later! It was a beautiful, sunny day, we picked up some cake afterwards and had champagne until everything we said was funny.

It was so lovely, and I’m so happy. So for the past few days I’ve been a little too distracted to post.

Dear readers, meet my husband, the sweet, lovely and witty blogger behind Clio’s Boardgames!

And here’s our kitty with the dress I wore:

It was of course not the civil wedding we had planned, but it was so beautiful I have no regrets. We picked up flowers and decorated the house, made our favorite dishes and got cat hair all over our wedding clothes. So lovely.

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Weekly Wrap Up

actress anne enright the king of crows libba bray Severance Ling Ma

Actress by Anne Enright / Review 4 stars

I loved the idea of this book more than the book itself! Its beautiful writing, the alluring and glamorous story, the great main character… it was such a great combination of wonderful things! In the end I was left wanting a little bit more out of this, but still such a great read.

The King of Crows by Libba Bray / Goodreads Ongoing

I advanced a bit more! But not much, especially as I started another book in audio instead – I wanted to finish The Dutch House soon, so I paused this for a few days. Will resume asap!

Severance by Ling Ma / Goodreads Review to come 4 stars

An odd timing to read this, but I got Severance for my last birthday and had been looking forward to picking this up since then. I really, really enjoyed this book, the writing is gorgeous, the story is interesting and so character-driven, unlike any apocalypse book I’ve read. Excellent read, I might just change my mind and give it 5 stars.

the dutch house ann patchett a morte de ivan ilitch e outras historias leo tolstoi

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett / Goodreads DNF

I have a very low tolerance at the moment for books I don’t find compelling – and even though Tom Hanks narrates this one so nicely, I could barely go through 10% of the story before getting unbearably bored. It’s not a book I expected to like, in fact I’d been blissfully ignoring it until it made it to the WP longlist, which is the sole reason why I picked it up. A pity it didn’t work for me, of course, but not entirely unexpected! I wonder if I still want to read Bel Canto, it would be my 3rd book by the author and so far I’ve given one 3 stars and DNF-ed another, so it doesn’t bode too well. Have you read it? Is it any better?

A Morte de Ivan Ilitch e Outras HistΓ³rias by Leo Tolstoy / Goodreads

I’ve never read Tolstoy before, and I’ve owned this book of short stories for half a year by now. I’ve kind of given up on reviewing ARCs on time or following some sort of TBR at all, and so I picked up this book instead, which I’d been looking forward to reading but didn’t think it would happen anytime soon. It was nowhere near my prio reads, but I just really felt like it. So far it’s really interesting, I’m enjoying the writing and nearly done with the first short story.

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What did you read this week?

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    • Thank you, Callum!! We did it for the good of the community, of course, to provide wholesome content in this time of need. xD Joking aside, it was so lovely and I’m still struggling to stop calling him my boyfriend. You guys were SO adorable reacting, it made the day even nicer!

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