February Wrap Up incl. what I read for #FFFeb + March Reading Plans W9/2020

Hello readers!

I’ve slowed down my reading this week, because all the work and being sick and other things going on finally caught up with me and I’ve been feeling a bit burned out. So I’ve been focusing on sleeping enough, getting some exercise and enjoying my time at home with my fiancé and my cat! I’ve been planning on slowing down anyway, but now it’s really happening. Despite that, I finished 2 books and made progress on another 2 this week.

I’m changing the Sunday Snuggle to Monday (and perhaps just call it a weekly wrap up – Monday Snuggle doesn’t have the same ring to it). I often forget to update the wrap up post on Sunday evening when I’m busy doing something else, and remember hours after the post is live. So Monday it is! That way I can update it on Sunday night instead.

How do you do wrap up posts, and which day of the week?

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February Wrap Up

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