Regular Weekly Wrap With No One Eloping This Time

Hello readers!

This week we have a regular wrap-up where no-one is eloping, which is frankly disappointing considering the last wrap-up, but here we are! I’ve been back to reading these past week, which is so great because I spent 2 weeks before this reading very little (comparably, that is, to my usual), since I was tired and anxious all the time (and who isn’t?).

Ohh I have new books! My pre-ordered copy of Hamnet arrived!! And it’s gorgeous. ALSO author Jack Harbon was incredibly kind and gave me an early copy of Meet Cute Club! This is going immediately to my vacation TBR.

hamnet maggie ofarrell meet cute club jack harbon

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Weekly Wrap Up

the king of crows libba bray a morte de ivan ilitch e outras historias leo tolstoi Death in Her Hands Ottessa Moshfegh

The King of Crows by Libba Bray / Goodreads Ongoing

I read on a little more on this one, but not really much. Maybe it’s because I’m listening to the audio version and I have very little patience to listen to audiobooks for too long, or because this book is so dark and makes me so anxious, but I’m taking an awfully long time to read it. I am enjoying it less than book 1, which is my all-time favorite of the series, but it’s still a very good read!

A Morte de Ivan Ilitch e Outras Histórias by Leo Tolstoy / Goodreads Review to come, 4 stars

I really, really enjoyed this! I have a bilingual review coming up this week (this blog is so fancy now, with bilingual reviews and an actual posting schedule WOW). I liked it so much I added another 2000+ pages of his books to my TBR, which then cried pitifully, but we’ve already established finishing my TBR is not something I will ever do, so might as well. *shrug*

Death in Her Hands by Ottessa Moshfegh / Goodreads Review to come, 3 stars

I started this book with the wrong expectations of it being a sort of murder mystery, so for 50% of the book I just became increasingly frustrated as it was anything but. Once I re-read the synopsis more carefully, I realized this is supposed to be the story of the main character’s way of dealing with her husband’s death after so many years and how he treated her. She’s also the ultimate unreliable narrator. Once those things got cleared up, I actually enjoyed the book a lot, despite still having some qualms with it (so much fat shaming!). In the end, even if I enjoyed the book more on the second half, it was still a 3-star read. I’ll post my full thoughts on the next days!

the mirror and the light hilary mantel

The Mirror and the Light by Hilary Mantel / Goodreads Ongoing

Yes, I finally started this one! I’m super excited and about 50 pages in – and those 50 pages have been much better than most of the books on the longlist so far, combined. I suppose I’m biased because I love a good Tudor story, and I love this series very much, and especially for being so thick, so you can sit down and read and get lost in the book for a long time. I am giving myself time to read this without hurry and truly enjoying. Reading it just feels like falling in love with books again. I just can’t see this not being a 5 star, honestly, but it’s way too early to be sure!

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What did you read this week?

18 thoughts on “Regular Weekly Wrap With No One Eloping This Time

  1. I’m excited to see your review of Death in Her Hands; it’s one of the books I’m most excited about this year!! Also, I wasn’t planning to read the Wolf Hall trilogy but I keep hearing amazing things about The Mirror & The Light, including your review…I’ll probably end up starting the series soon haha

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    • I’m terribly late on answering comments, but by now the review for Death in her hands is live! I hope you like it, it was a bit of a mix bag for me. I love the Wolf Hall series and I’m honestly living for all the people who decided to pick it up now! I hope you love it, it’s one of my favorite series!!

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      • It’s an unusual book from 2017. Genre-wise, it’s a climate anxiety fiction (I’ve seen it described as speculative or dystopian fiction) which follows the journey of one woman and her baby in the aftermath of widespread urban flooding in the UK. It feels a bit like an epic poem because it’s presented as very short snippets which are sort of like the lines of a poem. There are occasionally fragments of a flood myth which mimic the style of verses from a religious text. I didn’t love it, but many readers did, and if what I’ve described sounds appealing you should check it out.

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        • So interesting! Climate anxiety fiction is such an interesting subgenre – I’ve been wanting to read more of that. Weather is supposed to be one, but I’m craving a little more. Thank you for putting The End We Start From on my radar!


    • Are you enjoying The Mirror and the Light? I’m finally more than halfway through, I’m not quite used to spending so long on one book, so it’s both nice and a bit exasperating (my TBR isn’t getting any shorter! But so nice to spend more than a couple days immersed in a book!)

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  2. Looking forward to your Death in Her Hands review!
    And I’m thrilled to hear that you’re loving The Mirror and the Light so far- I’ll be starting the trilogy soon and am getting very excited about it. Especially after how mediocre most of the longlist has been feeling, I’m highly anticipating diving into a series I think I could really love.

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