TBR for my Honeymoon-Turned-Staycation-Because-Oh-Well

Hello readers!

I was supposed to be getting married today and off to our honeymoon tomorrow – but if you read my Weekly Wrap from a few weeks ago, you know that instead we eloped in March because, well, who knows if we’d even be able to marry in April at all. It was beautiful, and I am still getting used to calling my husband “husband” without giggling (we’re failing there).

So in the end our honeymoon was cancelled – which is okay, we sort of knew that would probably happen anyway, so we’re used to the idea by now and frankly, both of us could use the rest. This pandemic has been so exhausting. We will use the time to play boardgames, read, play with our cat and enjoy the sunlight from the balcony. It will be really nice!

I’ve no idea if I will actually do much reading, somehow on vacation we tend to watch movies or cook together  a lot more than read, but I surely hope so! I’ve fallen tragically behind on my reading challenge (1 book), so I can’t afford to do other things, like, say, chores or spend time with my husband, until this grave error is corrected. Here are the books I’m hoping to get to these next two weeks:

the mirror and the light hilary mantel beach read emily henry meet cute club jack harbon

The Mirror and the Light by Hilary Mantel

Feels like I’ve been reading this forever! I love it very much (depending on the ending it might be a 4 or 5 star read), and I’m very close to the ending at this point, with around 100 pages to go. I just love the drama, the glamour and crudeness, and all the scheming. It’s glorious but must be taken in small doses (for me), and so it takes a while.

Beach Read by Emily Henry

I look so much forward to adding some romance to my reading! It’s been a lot of literary fiction lately and, in keeping with the spirits of the springy weather (it’s so sunny and warm here!) and some semblance of honeymoon, this is such a perfect read. So far it’s nice and looks like it will be a grumpy/sunny pairing, which I LOVE.

Meet Cute Club by Jack Harbon

This just sounds SO CUTE, I’m all for it. Yes for some cute small-town bookish romance! Much like Beach Read, I’ll pick this up because it sounds adorable and sounds like the perfect light read for a relaxing vacation!

red at the bone Jacqueline Woodson the king of crows libba bray a thousand ships natalie haynes

Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson

In continuing with the Women’s Prize Longlist, I have 3 books on my shelf: this one, A Thousand Ships and Hamnet, and I expect this and Ships will be my least favorite of the three, so I want to get them read as soon as possible, otherwise if they don’t make it to the shortlist, I will just not pick them up. I’ve heard this is good but not memorable… we will see!

The King of Crows by Libba Bray

Not sure I can finish this on vacation (I don’t listen to books a whole lot), but hopefully! Would be nice to start a new book!

A Thousand Ships by Natalie Haynes

I’m not too excited for another Greek retelling, honestly. I dread it will be another fine-but-boring book, and it’s not all that thin, either. I will try to keep an open mind!

hamnet maggie ofarrell

Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell

I’m so excited for this, it looks like the exact kind of historical fiction I enjoy! I look so much forward to this and I’m fairly confident it will be shortlisted. So I’m leaving this last on my TBR because even if it’s not, I would still like to pick it up!

25 thoughts on “TBR for my Honeymoon-Turned-Staycation-Because-Oh-Well

  1. I am SO looking forward to Beach Read! I’m seeing it everywhere and everyone’s raving about it and it’s a bandwagon I want to be on. I also really need cute and fluffy right now. I’ve also been wanting to start The Diviners… I could also use a series to offer my soul to. Good luck with your reading & your honeymoon-staycation!

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    • Yes! I got it a bit before it started being hyped, because the synopsis sounds so fun, and I’m quite glad I did – everyone says it’s really good! After reading so much lit fic it will be really nice to read a romcom.

      Thank you!! I hope you love The Diviners, to be honest the last book is giving me anxiety so I read it little by little, but I think that is what makes the series so good!

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  2. Im reading Beach Read now and im really enjoying it!! i think its the perfect read if youre looking for something light and fun (though it does have its darker moments), especially now ☺ people seem to have been really loving it as well, ive seen nothing but positive reviews!

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    • Yay! I will pick it up again tomorrow, so excited! Yes, I’ve only also seen positive reviews. Glad to hear you liked it too, I am now even more excited to read it 😀


  3. Staycation sounds wonderful, enjoy!! Romance and light reads will be perfect for a relaxing staycation. Tbh I could use some reads like that too! This is my first year reading through the entire WP longlist and I could definitely use something lighter after so much literary fiction.

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    • Yes, it’s quite nice! I hardly ever take time to just sit down, not do much and relax, so it’s being great! Also catching up with my reading 😀

      And yeah, the WP list (and lit fic in general) always leave me craving something a bit lighter afterward. A bit of romcom, maybe a murder or two… xD Did you read them all yet? I’m so late in blog hopping omg I need to read everyone’s posts!

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      • I’m glad you’re having a great, relaxing honeymoon! And I’ve only read 10 (and one half) of the books on the longlist so far, but at this point I probably won’t read Girl or Nightingale Point if they don’t make the shortlist. Also – being on honeymoon is a very good reason to be behind on blog hopping!! Haha ^_^

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        • I read 8 I think! But I’ve lost so much steam, this year’s list was so uninspired (to me) that I might just not pick up any other books that didn’t make it to the shortlist! I’ll have to think about it. What did you think of The Most Fun We Ever Had?

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          • Haha, I am thinking the same (except for How We Disappeared, which sounds like the best read that didn’t make the shortlist). The Most Fun We Ever Had was entertaining in a soap-opera-y way…it was enjoyable enough but it was a surprising choice for a literary award haha

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          • I see! There are always a few books in the WP that one does NOT know how they ended up there, and The Most Fun seems to be one of them. Sadly this year it seems like we have maybe 5 books that no one knows why they’ve been longlisted at all!

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  4. Naty, a forced vacation can be just the ticket for your new marriage. I’ve been married 29 years. My husband comes before my reading. Luckily, my husband knows how much I enjoy reading, While he watches television or surfs Facebook, I read a book.I also read and write reviews while he is working or sleeping. In a loving marriage, both partners strive to grow the relationship and give to each other. Enjoy your books, but please don’t place undue pressure on yourself. Have fun with both your stay-at-home honeymoon, your reading and blogging. Much love and blessings, Candace

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    • Oh, I was joking when I said I’d neglect my husband hahaha We’ve been having a really nice time reading together, playing boardgames, playing with our cat and trying new recipes. Thankfully the pandemic hasn’t hit us too badly at all, although of course we would have preferred to go to our honeymoon. But we’re really enjoying the quiet time together. Thank you for your advice! 🙂


  5. Beach Read was very good! And it’s equally (if not more) focused on the main character’s growth and her coming to terms with the stuff that happened in her life. It really took me by surprise, it was super good! I hope you have a great time reading ALL of these!

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    • Yay!! I keep hearing it’s amazing. Now that the WP shortlist comes out today anyway and then we have until September to read the remaining books, I will just take my sweet time with the remaining reads and pick up Beach Read next! Really excited. Also it’s super encouraging that you say it’s not just about the romance but also the character growth – this just sounds like such an amazing book.


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  7. Ooh, Beach Read! I just got that one and have been eyeing it on the shelf while I try to finish up with the Women’s Prize… it looks so good!
    Also, I hope you will love Hamnet, of all the WP books that is the one that has most captured my heart, despite a few (minor) flaws.
    Hope you have a great honeymood-turned-staycation!! 🙂

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    • I have only heard praise for Beach Read so far! Sounds amazing!!

      Hamnet is my next WP read and I think I’ll love it – I hope you love Wolf Hall! 😀 Good luck to our endeavors in hist fic set in the 1500s!


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