Review: Falcon Trilogy, by Gabrielle Mathieu

I don’t often review full trilogies, but this is a small press series that doesn’t get much hype, so I thought it would be more useful to review all three books at once than, for example, book 2 of it alone. I have a full review of the first installment, The Falcon Flies Alone, which you can read here: Review: The Falcon Flies Alone (Falcon Trilogy #1), by Gabrielle Mathieu

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Genres: Young Adult, New Adult, Fantasy



I have received this book series from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Falcon Trilogy tells the story of Peppa, who one day wakes up and finds herself alone, naked and on a rooftop. She has hazy memories about turning into a falcon and killing a man, and doesn’t know what to make of it. When she learns that her animal totem has woken up inside her after she was drugged with Compound T, she must uncover her family’s secrets and find out who drugged her.

This is such a unique series, and I particularly love that Peppa is a scientist from Switzerland, a girl strong and determined, almost attracted to danger. There aren’t enough STEM girls in YA (in fiction, generally) and I really enjoyed that. In book one we start in Germany and Switzerland, and in the next two books Peppa travels to Ireland, India and Nepal – I think the series is strongest in the parts set in Europe, as I am not entirely sure the depiction of Ireland/India weren’t a bit stereotypical, at least they seemed so to me. But I really liked the depictions of small villages in Switzerland and the mountains.

This trilogy spans from 1957 to 1968, from which Peppa grows from a teenager into a young woman, and it’s nice to see – and I think this makes the series part YA and part NA, although it does get quite dark. There is a substantial amount of abuse, murder, drug use, some homophobia and so on. Honestly, the books getting at times very dark was part of the appeal to me!

In the end, I enjoyed some parts of the series more than others, but that is to be expected – I started this series in 2018, when I was more into YA Fantasy, so it’s no surprise that as the series went on and my reading taste changed, my ratings also got lower. It got a bit trope-y for my taste (the girl who’s Not Like Other Girls, the foreign and quirky shaman who knows everything and speaks broken English, the hot foreign female villain who’s bisexual and a pervert, the couple who just can’t communicate well…) and verbose very often. I think for a younger audience this book will be quite an interesting read!

Gabrielle Mathieu also wrote another YA fantasy series:

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