Review: Bunny by Mona Awad

bunny mona awad

Rating: ★★★★★

Categories: Contemporary, Horror, Satire, Sapphic MC


In Bunny, Samantha is an outcast at the very expensive and elite Warren University, where she’s doing her MFA program. She’s made no friends there, and has an almost hostile relationship with her peers, four young women in her class who call each other “Bunny” and seem to think and behave like one mind, talking in childish voices and hugging each other nonstop. When one day Samantha gets a surprising invitation to join the Bunnies in a party, she finds herself inexplicably there on time, drawn to those girls and their weird friendship.

This was so brilliant! At first I wasn’t sure if it would be just the plot of Mean Girls for adults, and it does seem so for the first pages – but I did not need to worry. Bunny is a dark, gory, witty book, the kind of weird that I am really drawn to. Throughout the book the reader will not always be sure that things are exactly what they seem or not, and I think the ending leaves it a little open for interpretation. The dialogue is amazing, incredibly realistic and definitely a strong point of this book! I also found myself cackling at the “literary criticism” the Bunnies give, poking fun at the completely meaningless feedback we (I’m counting book bloggers here, too) find ourselves parroting. I felt totally called out. Oh, this book is also a bit Sapphic, in my opinion!

I don’t think I get all the references in the book – I know there’s a lot of Mean Girls, but I’ve seen people talking also about Heather (which I haven’t seen), and I think this will be a brilliant read for people who can get some of the references and not take the book too seriously. I devoured this and got immediately obsessed – I desperately wanted to re-read immediately after finishing. So, even though I think the book isn’t perfect, and especially the beginning feels a bit too trope-y and not very exciting, I couldn’t but give 5 stars to it – oh Bunny, you’re so brilliant, can I be you, please?

10 thoughts on “Review: Bunny by Mona Awad

  1. Ooh, great review, I’m so looking forward to this! It’s good to know to persevere through the beginning if it doesn’t excite me immediately, but I hope it’ll be a win for me in the end as well!

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  3. I can’t wait to read this!! You should def watch Heathers, it’s sooo good. And Foul is Fair has a vaguely similar vibe (Mean Girls esque but make it DARK) if you haven’t read that yet!

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