eARC Review: He Started It, by Samantha Downing

he started it samantha downingRating: ★★★★☆

Categories: Mystery, Thriller


I received an advance copy via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

He Started It is Samantha Downing’s second book, telling the story of three siblings who must take a road trip together if they want to receive the inheritance their grandfather left them. Each has their own agenda and secrets. If only they can complete two weeks of travelling like they did twenty years before, they’ll all live millionaires.

I don’t think there’s anyone out there writing unlikable women in thrillers quite like Samantha Downing – our narrator Beth is cold, with quite a lot of uncharitable thoughts about everyone, manipulative and lies all the time, but I loved her so much. You don’t necessarily root for her all the time, and I think a lot of readers might side with one of the other siblings in this story. From the beginning, Beth tells you she isn’t your heroine in this story, but that is for the reader to tell, anyway. Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up 05 – 11 May 2020

Hello readers!

It’s been a week and I already miss my vacation! Not much to tell about the week, except that I got a couple Brazilian books:

with my dog eyes hilda hilst near to the wild heart clarice lispector

I wanted to read them in the original language, of course, but I’m also writing a post that I think these would be perfect for, and so I could only get them in English. Hopefully once I’m in Brazil again I can get physical copies in Portuguese!

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Weekly Wrap Up

the king of crows libba bray know my name chanel miller dominicana angie cruz Continue reading

Review: Bunny by Mona Awad

bunny mona awad

Rating: ★★★★★

Categories: Contemporary, Horror, Satire, Sapphic MC


In Bunny, Samantha is an outcast at the very expensive and elite Warren University, where she’s doing her MFA program. She’s made no friends there, and has an almost hostile relationship with her peers, four young women in her class who call each other “Bunny” and seem to think and behave like one mind, talking in childish voices and hugging each other nonstop. When one day Samantha gets a surprising invitation to join the Bunnies in a party, she finds herself inexplicably there on time, drawn to those girls and their weird friendship. Continue reading

Review: The Memory Police, by Yōko Ogawa

the memory police yoko ogawaRating: ★★★★☆

Categories: Literary Fiction, Dystopia


The Memory Police tells the story of our unnamed narrator, a novelist living in an unnamed island where things disappear. One day many years before, it had been hats, and then ribbons, and those things were not missed. The islanders forgot about them and moved on. The disappeared things become slowly more important, and the islanders forget and move on after each one – but not everyone forgets what has been lost, and the Memory Police make sure those people are taken away. When our narrator finds out her editor and friend is one of those people who are unable to forget, she knows she must hide him, lest he end up like her mother – dead. Continue reading

eARC Review: Meet Cute Club, by Jack Harbon

meet cute club jack harbonRating: ★★★☆☆

Categories: M/M Romance


I received an advance copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Meet Cute Club has been the one thing Jordan is truly passionate about, and he always looks forward to spending his Saturday afternoons talking about romance books and eating delicious baked things. But attendance is dwindling and the club can’t survive anyone else leaving, so when the rude new bookseller from Jordan’s favorite bookstore decides to join it, he can hardly refuse. After all, romance is for everyone, right? Even for rude, handsome Rex and his insufferable attitude… right? Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up 28 April – 04 May 2020: Starting with the #womensprizesquad longlist and the Asian Readathon

Hello readers!

My vacation is sadly over from today on, so the next Wrap Ups will be sadly shorter with my usual 1-2 books per week instead of a glorious 3-5. Which is sad news for all the books I acquired this week, oops.

So, in case you missed it: a few book bloggers and I came up with an alternative longlist for the Women’s Prize for Fiction (because we’re nerdy, way in too deep into it and have apparently lots of opinions), and you can check it out here: Women’s Prize for Fiction SQUAD Presents: Book Bloggers Take Over the 2020 Longlist. This is a really fun project and I got a bunch of books to get started on the longlist!

I’m also deciding the TBR for the Asian Readathon! I will post it tomorrow or so, once I’m done deciding 🙂 this year it’s super easy, the rules are really easy to combine and you can participate by reading literally 1 book, so if you’d like to participate, here’s some info from Cindy:

This week I got a boatload of books:

bunny mona awad the body lies jo baker my name is monster katie hale the bass rock evie wyld supper club lara williams frankissstein jeanette winterson disappearing earth julia phillips

In audio:

dominicana angie cruz wishful drinking carrie fisher

From Netgalley:

the dark tide alicia jasinska

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Weekly Wrap Up

the king of crows libba bray the falcon soars gabrielle mathieu the memory police yoko ogawa Continue reading

My TBR for the @AsianReadathon + Recommendations by Genre #representasian

Hello readers!

As many of you know, on May there are a bunch of readathons, and I don’t normally participate because I don’t normally own all the books needed to fulfill the prompts, so I just drool wistfully from afar. But this year, the rules for the Asian Readathon (created by Cindy) are so easy even I can participate! *crowd cheers*

In addition to the challenges below, I added a personal one: I could not buy new books to participate, so all the books listed are books I own! Which is great! My backlisted books are quite thankful.


1) Read any book by an Asian author.

before the coffee gets cold toshikazu kawaguchi

This is a fantasy/sci-fi book that sounds lovely, by a Japanese author! Continue reading