Weekly Wrap-Up 16 – 22 June 2020: Back! (More or Less)

Hello readers!

I’ve decided to end my break! I’ve done lots of reading, signing petitions, learning and determining actions I want to take into becoming more politically active. Obviously ending the break doesn’t mean the work is over, it just means I know a little better what I am doing from now on, and so I have the mental space to concentrate more on other things again, like blogging and reading for fun. I think I will not do 3-4 posts per week as before, but I do have one exciting post prepared for this week already with F/F recs that I’m excited for you guys to read!

I’ve decided to postpone my Latinx recommendations post (which I’ve mentioned a few times) because honestly I’m exhausted and can’t spend that much time reading, looking for stuff available in English and preparing the post. It would take several hours to read more books that are actually found in English and to diversify my recommendations (my Latinx reading is mostly Brazilian), so I think it would be better to work on this a little longer. But I do have a project with another blogger to read more Latinx books and I am THRILLED about it. I am not sure if she would be ok with me talking about it here, but if so, I will let you guys know because I’m SUPER excited.

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Weekly Wrap Up

quem tem medo do feminismo negro djamila ribeiro Kindred Octavia Butler the new jim crow michelle alexander

Quem tem medo do feminismo negro? by Djamila Ribeiro / Goodreads

This was an illuminating and saddening book – racism definitely is alive and well in Brazil. This collection of essays makes it clear that it doesn’t just happen “in other countries” and that racism adapts to each culture and takes different shapes, cleverly disguised as tradition, culture,  entertainment, but still clearly recognizable for what it is. I look forward to reading more from Ribeiro and from the authors she recommended!

Kindred by Octavia Butler / Goodreads 5 stars

Oof this was insanely good and tense and I could not put it down. I loved, loved, loved it! It’s seriously good. I thought about reviewing this but I hardly know what to say except that it’s just brilliant. This was visceral, painful, violent (but not gratuitously so), and shows such humanity. I don’t think I’ve read anything quite like it.

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander / Goodreads Ongoing

I was reading this on Scribd then my subscription ended a day earlier than I thought it would (lol)l. So I’m like 70% through and will finish it as soon as I get a copy! This is a brilliant book, and so, so important.

children of virtue and vengeance tomi adeyemi catherine house elisabeth thomas

Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi / Goodreads Ongoing

I am halfway through this, and I’m not entirely into it. I remember flying through Children of Blood and Bone, but this one is leaving me underwhelmed and I struggled through the first 100 pages. I still have hopes I will love it – there’s another 50% of book to go and I just KNOW that Tomi Adeyemi will have an ending that will leave me broken.

Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas / Goodreads Ongoing

I was super excited for this Gothic F/F Dark Academia story, but the writing is irking me. I’m maybe 15% through this one but it feels like I’ve been reading it forever. I also still have hopes for it, though!

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What did you read this week?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up 16 – 22 June 2020: Back! (More or Less)

  1. The New Jim Crow sounds so interesting, it’s on my list of books to buy or borrow soon. I hope you manage to get another copy soon so you can finish reading it. I’m currently reading Black and British by David Olusoga and it’s fascinating. There is so much I didn’t know, and so much that I knew vaguely but had never thought about how certain events were connected to each other before.


  2. Welcome back! ^__^ Your latinx reading project sounds interesting and I hope it goes well!! I started reading Catherine House this week too and have really similar feelings as you so far haha.


  3. I’m in the midst of The New Jim Crow myself – I got it on audiobook from my library – I think I could have done without the 10th anniversary preface that took up 2 hours of the audiobook, but the actual book itself is very interesting!


  4. Ah, bummer about Catherine House! And Children of Virtue and Vengeance. It seems that readers seem to be less enthused by that sequel, which is sad. I also liked Children of Blood and Bone so I’ll probably continue the series at some point, but I haven’t felt motivated yet. I’m glad Kindred was so good though! I need to read that one sooner rather than later!


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