Weekly Wrap-Up 21 – 27 July 2020

Hello readers!

So by finishing Disappearing Earth I officially need to buy more books to complete the Squad Longlist. At the same time, I haven’t read any of the books I last bought so I’m feeling guilty about that and will take a few weeks more before buying more books! But I expect sometime until September to be actually finished with it! Very excited. I also finished Throwaway Girls, which was a regular thriller and checked all the boxes for a quick / fun read! I enjoyed the noir vibes it gave (and the fact that it was F/F), even though it didn’t wow me. Next I picked up It Would be Night in Caracas and it’s really, really good so far!

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Weekly Wrap Up

throwaway girls andrea contos disappearing earth julia phillips noite em caracas karina sainz borgo

Throwaway Girls by Andrea Contos / 4 stars

Honestly this was more of a 3.5 stars but I rounded it up because it did make me Feel Things. The mystery is somewhat predictable (I guessed the guilty person pretty early on), but I thought it was so interesting having this dual POV and keeping us guessing who it was from. There is a lot of anger in this book, which is a thriller about girls who are forgotten (the throwaway girls, from poor backgrounds and who the police are quick to assume are missing because they “ran away with a boyfriend, probably”). I also felt that some parts didn’t make much sense, but mostly I just wanted to give the MC a hug. A F/F thriller about forgotten girls, misogyny, the trap of being poor (and small mentions of how much harder it is for non-whites), the police’s abuse of power and dismissing of witnesses and potential victims. This tried to have more depth and sometimes it succeeded, sometimes it felt a bit forced into the story. As it’s a debut, I am rounding it up!

Disappearing Earth by Julia Phillips / Ongoing

This is a slower read than expected, and I think it works better if you read it somewhat quickly, since I started forgetting some of the characters. There are several POVs, and following each one can be a bit tricky if you take too long to read. I’m still really enjoying this but hope to finish it soon!

It Would be Night in Caracas / Noite em Caracas by Karina Sainz Borgo

I’m surprised by how much I’m enjoying this, honestly. I expected it to be good, sure, but it’s really the kind of book I love so I’m excited! It’s a bit dark in tone and centered on a woman who’s just lost her mom and is dealing with the difficult economic situation of Venezuela. I only vaguely remember the synopsis, but if I’m not mistaken, it gets quite dark. It’s incredibly relevant, considering what Venezuela is going through, and I’m glad Michelle recommended it!

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What did you read this week?

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