Weekly Wrap-Up 28 July – 3 August: How TF are we in August + Reading Plans

Hello readers!

Alright, so apparently it’s August, although I’m still recovering from March and in denial that April is over. At this point I am 98% sure that 2020 is just a fever dream, really, but at least I’ve been reading some great books (yay…?).

I finished Disappearing Earth, and now have the dilemma of whether to buy the next two books (I’m in a bit of a book buying ban) or to wait, because I DO have lots to read, but ALSO I want to finish the longlist in the next couple months. I picked up and finished The Guest List – I really enjoyed this book and it goes so quickly! It also helped that this weekend was more chill and I had more time to read. I’m a bit over halfway through with It Would be Night in Caracas and I hope to finish it soon! I read it in small bursts in breaks going to work or when I’m picking up my lunch, so it takes a long time to read. As I finished both physical books I was reading, I picked up The House of Spirits next. Do you guys also do this – having a book you read at home, one for commute, one that you’re kinda-reading for the past year etc? I think I’m reading like 4 or 5 books at the moment.

I like talking about my reading plans for each month to try and maintain a semblance of order and not let my ARC Reviews fall too much behind. So, my Reading Plans for August:

I posted my Tentative August TBR yesterday, in case you missed it, in which I discuss the books I’d like to read for the Women in Translation month. My priority WIT reads are:

The House of Spirits Isabel Allende Things we lost in the fire mariana enriquez drive your plow over the bones of the dead Olga Tokarczuk

Those are Priority 1, but of course I’d like to read everything I listed on the post from yesterday. I am also attempting this month to read at least 3 ARCs, namely:

My Heart's in the Highlands amy hoff hysteria jessica gross sisters daisy johnson

I’m excited for all three (and just received Hysteria from Edelweiss). AND I would also like to read Hamnet, my last Women’s Prize Shortlist book.

hamnet maggie ofarrell

So, in total there are seven books I would really like to read this month (plus finish It Would be Night in Caracas, my current read) and it sounds ambitious but I’m keeping my hopes up, especially as next weekend I might do a reading sprint, time allowing.

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Weekly Wrap Up

disappearing earth julia phillips noite em caracas karina sainz borgo the guest list lucy foley

Disappearing Earth by Julia Phillips / 4 stars

I really enjoyed this book, although I found it slower than I hoped for, the execution is just so haunting and beautiful. I wonder what this book is like for a Siberian reader, since it’s written in such a Western way.

It Would be Night in Caracas by Karina Sainz Borgo / Ongoing

I’m really enjoying this, it reminds me of another book but I can’t pinpoint which one. It’s dark and hard-hitting, and I hope to finish it very soon!

The Guest List by Lucy Foley / 4 stars

I have been looking wistfully at this book since it arrived a few weeks ago and just saving it for a time when I needed a Very Good Book, and this didn’t disappoint! Although I loved The Hunting Party a lot more, The Guest List was very entertaining and kept me turning pages and I just adore Lucy Foley’s writing. It’s the perfect mix of atmospheric, beautiful but also not so flowery that it takes a toll on the pacing.

The House of Spirits Isabel Allende

The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende / Ongoing

I’m only a few pages into this but I’m LOVING it. The writing is so witty and beautiful, there’s a bit of  magic and odd characters, and overall I am just having a really good time reading it.

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What did you read this week?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up 28 July – 3 August: How TF are we in August + Reading Plans

  1. Slow, haunting, and beautiful is a perfect description for Disappearing Earth. I’m glad you liked it! And I’m so looking forward to your thoughts on the new Daisy Johnson, and on your WIT reads! I hope you have a good reading month ahead. 🙂

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