Weekly Wrap Up 15 – 21 Sept: Short Break So I Can Get Drunk in Peace (Yay Vacation!)

Hello readers!

I have vacation starting this week! This means little or nothing to you, unfaithful readers who won’t miss me, except that I will not do Wrap Ups for the next couple of weeks. I will be hiking with my husband, drinking several kinds of wine abundantly (it’s called tasting) and partying with our cat (lmao) and at least during the hike we will not bring computers so I won’t be blogging. Do not fret, I would never disappoint my readers (I totally would) and I’ve left lots of posts scheduled.

That is also the reason why I will sadly not participate on Latinx Heritage Month readathons! My reading will be very non-structured the next couple of weeks and I’m also trying to read more ARCs, which are mostly non-Latinx (also sadly). But that’s okay, I’ll catch up on my Latinx reads later on.

This week I added to my e-reader, from my subscription to Chelle’s TBR recommendations:

I was gonna add more (she always recommends me around 10 books per month!) but then I looked at my TBR and thought “huhhhhhhh maybe I start with these three”.

I also received from Netgalley:

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Weekly Wrap Up

The Fire Starters by Jen Carson

This was an incredible read, full of magic and a heartbreaking look into inherited violence. Set in Belfast, the story follows a man whose daughter is half siren and may have the terrible power with her voice and of another man who suspects his son might be behind the chaos and destruction assailing the city. Both must decide what is the right thing to do, and whether they will do it.

The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart

I’m still 10 or 15% into this (I stopped reading it for a few days to catch up with The Mercies) and I’m not sure this will be a brilliant read, but it’s entertaining so far!

The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

I also started and finished The Mercies, a devastating read that I couldn’t but give 5 stars to. Just so amazing. It tells the fictionalized story of the real witch trials in a small Norwegian town in 1621 after a storm killed all the men in the town four years earlier, leaving the women by themselves.

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