Books I Want to Read until the End of the Year (please send help)

Hello readers!

I am currently on vacation so this post is pre-scheduled and I SURE HOPE vacation-Naty is getting LOTS OF READING DONE. The year is slowly coming to an end and I realized lately that my “Best of” posts is missing a lot of books on some genres simply because Miss I-Can’t-Follow-TBRs reads whatever she feels like and then it’s all thrillers and literary fiction and then her ARCs get late and she’s like Oh how did THAT happen.

So I like writing these posts to remind myself that there are some books I want to finish still this year.

Do I absolutely need to read all the books below? Of course not. But most of these are 2020 ARCs that I’d like to post and talk about before the new year comes around and I receive a boatload of new ARCs and get gifted books for my birthday and Christmas and the books below are forgotten. Plus, it’s always nice to read ARCs in a timely fashion.

A some of these were on my September TBR and I hope that by the time this comes live I’ve read them.

6 thoughts on “Books I Want to Read until the End of the Year (please send help)

    • Thank you, Evelyn!! Naty from the past didn’t read as much as she should have so now it’s on me, dang it. I reallyyy want to read The Burning God but gosh, there are so many ARCs still left!

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