Weekly Wrap Up 12 – 18 January 2021 // I finished Anna Karenina YAY

Hello readers!

I’m back at work this week and we had so much snow! It was really beautiful. Reading-wise I was quite productive, although I am sure this will change very soon – I had a relatively easy week but at work from next week on things get more hectic. We’ll see! While we are in lockdown there is little do to but stay home and read.

This week I received from Netgalley:

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Weekly Wrap Up

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy / 4.5 stars

I finished this! This week I really put lots of time into finishing Anna Karenina (plus I really enjoyed picking this up, so I read this whenever I had time). I’m still thinking if this is a 4 or 5 stars for me (hence my 4.5 stars rating above – I normally don’t give half-stars) – and I really, really liked this! Tolstoy has such a fascinating way of writing, and you get the POV from many different characters and see how they see each other, the little misunderstandings, their suffering, their doubts, their flaws. It’s truly, truly a masterpiece.

Illusion by Paula Volsky / ongoing

I did not advance a whole lot on this book because I focused on finishing Anna Karenina, and took other books on my commute (I have this book as a well-loved second-hand copy and I’m afraid it would get even more damaged in my bag).

Long Bright River by Liz Moore / ongoing

This is a mystery book I heard nothing but good things about, and it’s still too early to tell if I like it but the galley I received is a nightmare to read so I am 100% sure this will impact my enjoyment of the book. So far it’s an interesting and well-written book but feels entirely too long and too slow.

You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine by Alexandra Kleeman / 2 stars

I picked this up in audio and had a bit of a mixed reaction – the story was funny and weird, and the style reminded me of Melissa Broder’s writing. This is the story of A, who is roommates with B, and dates C – B starts trying to become A (really), and C wants A to join him in a TV show. There also is lots of advertisement for a candy which sounds absolutely terrible, and listening to the words “Kandy Kat” over and over on the audiobook made me want to never eat candy again. I ended up not enjoying this for several reasons: the absurdist tone of the story did not charm me, the main character was annoying, the plot was predictable , the book’s themes so obvious. I like the idea of the book but did not enjoy reading it. The audio narration was good, though!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up 12 – 18 January 2021 // I finished Anna Karenina YAY

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  2. Congrats on finishing Anna Karenina- it’s a lovely read, but long enough to feel like an accomplishment when you get to the end! I’m glad you liked it. 🙂 And I really liked Long Bright River, so am sad to hear the formatting is giving you a bad experience with it.

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    • Thank you, Emily! I did not love Long Bright River in the end, but I totally see why you would. Also I already miss reading Anna Karenina, I spent so much time reading it that it feels weird now that it’s done!

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