Underrated Sapphic SFF Books #FFFeb2021

Hello readers!

I love a good sci-fi and fantasy book, they compose a big chunk of what I read, and I’ve seen more than once the discourse (mostly on Twitter) about how there are no “good F/F books out there”, much less in SFF. Don’t fear, fellow Sapphic readers! I bring to you today my recent favorites!

Burning Roses by S. L. Huang was being talked about a bit around the time of its publication, but it’s fallen a bit under the radar since. This is a novella about two middle-aged warriors who are grumpy and powerful and must defeat an evil from the past of one of them together, facing their own histories and failures, and trying to find peace if not happiness. This has packs such a punch, the story brought elements of fairy tales, it’s Chinese-inspired and also has a Latina main character and a trans main character. It’s truly a gem!

Missing, Presumed Dead by Emma Berquist is a book I feel like if you read a lot of Sapphic books, you probably know about! This is a YA supernatural thriller, it’s fun, it’s spooky, it has ghosts, murder and kissing, I had such a great time reading this!

The Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenhas is a book I will never tire of hyping up. This is a gorgeous sci-fi with time travel (obviously), a whodunit, romance… it’s a wild ride and I enjoyed it so much!

Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust is a book that was a bit hyped when it came out but I feel that people did not read it that much? This is a slow-burn fantasy retelling of Snow White and it’s so lovely and focuses on the stepmother and Snow White, how they misunderstand each other and are both used by the King. It’s just such a great book.

Lumberjanes by Stevenson, Ellis, Watters and Allen is a cute graphic novel series with LOTS of Sapphic characters. It’s a lovely, heart-warming and full of adventure, a perfect escapist read for these pandemic times in my opinion.

The Spellbook of the Lost and Found by Moira Fowley-Doyle has one or two Sapphic main characters and it’s a mysterious, magical, wonderfully atmospheric YA from a few years ago. Like many books in this list, it simply fell under the radar after publication!

Provenance by Ann Leckie – I’m not sure if this is underrated, but I don’t know many people have read this. This wonderfully queer novel is a delight to read – whodunit, adventure, space travel, family drama, this has it all! If you love Becky Chambers’ series, you need to pick this up!

Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey is the least underrated book in this list, but still not many people have read it. A murder mystery in a magic school! Ghastly deaths! Magic being used by teens in a realistic teenage-y way! This was one of the most fun books I’ve read in a while.

Villains Don’t Date Heroes by Mia Archer is pure fluff and such a quick read! If all you want is a short, not too deep book to put a smile on your face plus a bit of shenanigans, this series is adorable and perfect escapism!

5 thoughts on “Underrated Sapphic SFF Books #FFFeb2021

  1. Terrific post! Provenance is one of my favourites and I definitely think it’s underrated! I really liked Magic for Liars too. I definitely need to add some of these to my list. As far as other f/f I’ve really enjoyed in the past year there’s The Empress of Salt and Fortune and A Memory Called Empire.


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