Weekly Wrap Up // 9 – 15 February: N. K. Jemisin has destroyed me

Hello readers!

This has been HELL of a week and I was incredibly, incredibly busy, but luckily still got some reading done. In times like these, reading is one of the few things keeping me sane! After two heavy reads I was craving something lighter, so I picked up a rom-com book, which I hope to get through rather quickly.

This week I received from Netgalley:

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Weekly Wrap Up

Ain’t I a Woman by bell hooks / 5 stars

This is such a powerful book and, although I’m not American, I still found this very relevant to understanding the reality of Black women where I live (Germany) and where I come from (Brazil). bell hooks makes very compelling arguments, even if (as she herself says in the introduction), a few of these points might be a bit outdated by now. The audiobook by amazing (Adenrele Ojo does a fantastic job) and I highly recommend it!

The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin / 5 stars

I debated giving this 4 or 5 stars, but frankly this is such a great book and so incredibly, smartly, gorgeously written that 4 stars would be a disservice to it. This first book in the series builds a vivid, dark world in which orogenes are enslaved, turned into weapons and nothing more. On the first chapter, one of them causes the apocalypse, in order to finally be free. It’s an amazing book, even if I found the plot twists a bit too predictable, still the world, the writing style, the complex, flawed characters, the social commentary which brings this novel to the next level… it’s all just so mind-blowingly good.

Make Up Break Up by Lily Menon

After two rather heavy readers, I am craving something lighter, so I just picked up Sandhya/Lily Menon’s first adult novel, a romance between two competing app-creators, and I’m having a really nice time with it! This was not on my TBR for February but frankly I need something light before delving into another dark fantasy!

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