Weekly Wrap Up 2-8 March: Reading Backlisted Titles

Hello readers!

This week has been… something. I did not have much time to read, but I did manage to finish a few books and spent the week reading backlisted titles, which is always nice – I like getting out of my shelves the books I’ve owned for YEARS. As you maybe know, I keep a physical shelf with my TBR books and I’m forbidden to buy more books until there is at least SPACE for them. Right now there is a lot of space on my shelf, and since the Women’s Prize for Fiction Longlist is announced next week, I will allow myself to do a big shopping for books (which for me means 10-15 books, probably) and then not buy books until Fall or so. I was hoping to end the year with 100 books on my TBR (I’m at 142 at the moment and started the year at around 160), but we will see how doable that is.

Weekly Wrap Up

The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling / ongoing

I’m so, so close to finishing this, but after a brilliant start with it I’m really, really bored. The pacing is so slow and there is not enough horror in this for my taste – also there’s a bit of a romance which is pretty unconvincing.

The Unseen World by Liz Moore / 4 stars

After my lukewarm reaction to Long Bright River, I am surprised by how much I enjoyed this. It has everything I love: a slow-paced mystery, a character study, computer science, coding. I really liked The Unseen World (the writing was so good!) and had such a fun time reading it.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman / 3 stars

I did not really enjoy this a lot – I like the concept of this book far more than the actual book. This is my second Neil Gaiman book and at this point I think maybe they’re just not for me. There is something about the predictability of the plot, the stereotypical characters that made me so impatient while reading this, just like for Neverwhere. Plus it’s the second book where women are assigned the role of “magical, unknowable, perhaps a bit evil?” creatures, whereas the main character is a relatable, sweet boy. I don’t know, something about it rubs me the wrong way. Maybe I got a bit unlucky with my choices (I feel like Coraline would be a lot more up my alley), but at this point I don’t particularly want to pick up another book by him.

What have you read this week?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up 2-8 March: Reading Backlisted Titles

  1. Interesting to hear your thoughts on Gaiman! I’ve only ever read American Gods by him and absolutely adored it (it hits all the buzz words for me), but I definitely feel like there’s a flatness to his characters. And the whole feminine dark viles thing is something that was definitely present in American Gods as well. I have Stardust on my shelves and that one has been recommended to me so many times, so I am looking forward to seeing if I vibe with his other work.


  2. Ooh, I’ve been wanting to read The Unseen World so am v excited to see you liked it more than Long Bright River! I did like Ocean at the End of the Lane a few years back but in retrospect would probably agree that it’s the concept I like moreso than the experience of reading the book. And I wanted to read Neverwhere afterward but I guess am lucky that I didn’t end up doing so; it makes sense finding the boy protagonists and the potentially evil women bothersome, especially if it seems to be a trend.


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