All the ARCs I still have to read

Hello readers!

I guess this is my accountability post – as most book bloggers, I get a bit too excited requesting ARCs and now I am behind. So I thought it would be a fun idea to list all the ARCs I have still to read, and try to prioritize reading them. I ended up counting 12 titles, which is a lot less than I thought I had, but also will take me a LONG time to read all of these, especially as they’re all digital copies and I’ve been on the mood for paperbacks lately (no idea why). I’ve finally picked up one ARC this month (Lonely Castle in the Mirror by by Mizuki Tsujimura), but have generally been pretty bad at reading and reviewing them.

Have you read any of these? I’d love suggestions of which book I should pick up first!

14 thoughts on “All the ARCs I still have to read

  1. You have 12, I have 27 or 28 right now. Every time I get a couple knocked off the pile, I get approved for another one. Although I’m working on my 4th ARC this month and I had mostly ARCs on my TBR for this month to try to get the pile under control. LOL

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    • I have been requesting so much less lately! For some reason 2021 releases didn’t call to me the way the past years’ releases did! What ARC are you reading? 😀


    • I totally get it. I am genuinely excited about every ARC I request but that doesn’t mean I want to read them right away. Opal & Nev might be my next pick! Looking forward to your thoughts on it, too!

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  2. Hahaha lol Guilty as charged – I did that once, twice or many more lol I now pulled out of NetGalley but looking at this post… hm. Tempting! I kind of miss the experience.
    Good luck on those ones, Naty 🙂

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    • I have been phasing out of Netgalley a bit lately, because it’s been too tempting to request books I have only a little bit of interest in and then I end up DNF-ing so many! I think you did the smart thing!

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    • ARCs are the source of shame of every book blogger, tbh I’ve been (very) slowly phasing out of Netgalley lately because I end up DNF-ing so many ARCs in the end, since I request so many that I’m like, a BIT interested in but not much and a lot of them are YA (which get so hyped and I get FOMO), which I don’t even read anymore these days. I requested Milk Blood Heat because of you!!! Will pick it up asap!!


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