ARCs Update: Reviews (The Club, Hide, Devotion)

Hello readers!

Some interesting titles this week, as I try to read a few ARCs to compensate for the stuff I just received, and now I’m back to 80% rating! Success.


Hide by Kiersten White

Pub Date 24 May 2022

Hide is Kersten White’s adult debut and I was ecstactic to receive this ARC! I loved And I Darken, but ended up not finishing the series because I was in the process of falling out of love with YA at the time, so this horror/thriller was way up in my list of most anticipated reads for 2022. And it didn’t disappoint!

This new(ish) wave of social horror works really well for me, and Hide is no exception. It has the very cool setting of an abandoned amusement park, and it’s about fourteen people competing for a prize on a potential reality show. I really liked how we got insight into every cahracter and, although with such a huge cast it’s impossible to really get into each one very deeply, I never felt like they were treated superficially, not even the first ones to leave the contest. It feels to me that White’s writing has matured a lot since the last book I read from her, and not only because she’s writing adult fiction.

This made me stay up way too late, not only to finish the book but because it terrified me SO much, which does not happen often with books at all. I had a great time reading this and hope she will continue to write horror and thrillers!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Top 3 Places to See Capybaras in Curitiba, Brazil

Hello readers!

Today we’ll do something a bit different. A few months ago I went to Brazil (where I’m from) and saw about a million capybaras. A lot of people on my social media were pretty interested in that, and I thought writing about a city in Brazil that I love but isn’t very well-known among travelers from other countries could be fun!

So, first of all, this is Curitiba:

It’s a gorgeous city, with many parks, lots of green, museums, theater. There are beautiful train rides you can take to visit the Atlantic Forest, or you can spend the day shopping any one of the many malls. It’s a city with such variety and so many options of what you can do – I’ve been in love with it for decades now and I’m pleased to talk about it in my blog!

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