Top 3 Places to See Capybaras in Curitiba, Brazil

Hello readers!

Today we’ll do something a bit different. A few months ago I went to Brazil (where I’m from) and saw about a million capybaras. A lot of people on my social media were pretty interested in that, and I thought writing about a city in Brazil that I love but isn’t very well-known among travelers from other countries could be fun!

So, first of all, this is Curitiba:

It’s a gorgeous city, with many parks, lots of green, museums, theater. There are beautiful train rides you can take to visit the Atlantic Forest, or you can spend the day shopping any one of the many malls. It’s a city with such variety and so many options of what you can do – I’ve been in love with it for decades now and I’m pleased to talk about it in my blog!

Back to the capybaras! I recommend three parks you can go to to see them. This also happens to be a nice introduction to Curitiba’s parks, if you ever visit and don’t even know which ones to start with. All the photos below I took myself and they’re neither edited nor filtered.

Parque Barigui

Let’s start with a classic! If you want to see capybaras and you only have one place to go, go to Barigui. This is a very central park and a favorite among locals. If you want to get REALLY close to the capybaras, this is the place to go – they’re so sweet-tempered and very used to tourists, so you can get pretty close. Once I even petted one, although I’m now sure that’s allowed or recommended (probably not) (they’re not fluffy, they’re spiky). The second photo is just to illustrate my point – these capybaras were so chill that they were hanging out under a walkway where everyone passes by. They can be literally anywhere. It’s also a very nicely paved and flat park, perfect for walking and running. Throughout the year there are also fairs and conventions (most notably Haru Matsuri, a spring festival held in September/October).

Parque Tanguá

Next, we go the adventure way! Park Tanguá is a gorgeous, quite large park that you can literally spend the day walking through. There’s so much green (plus a waterfall) and it truly feels like a refuge from the city – and there are capybaras swimming in the river, playing around, chilling next to the tracks. Take some sunscreen and a picnic basket, because this is a place to hang out for a while. We didn’t get as close to the capybaras as in Barigui, but it was really fun to watch them play and swim, the babies chasing each other and jumping into the water in a neat little line. Very cute.

Parque Tingui

Last but not least, Park Tingui! This is in my opinion one of the most beautiful parks, greener and wilder than Barigui, but not as large and way flatter than Tanguá. My husband and I enjoyed drinking sugar cane juice and slowly walking through the track – and did not realize there would be SO many capybaras! I think it’s the most capybaras I’ve seen in one place (the photo above doesn’t show even half of them, but was the nicest one I had). And so many babies! We accidentally happened upon them and they didn’t care at all, let us get pretty close and snap a bunch of photos. We stayed a bit away because we didn’t want to scare the babies, but it was such fun. The group moved around the park as they pleased and we encountered them a bunch of times.

5 thoughts on “Top 3 Places to See Capybaras in Curitiba, Brazil

  1. I love this! We have some capybaras at our zoo, but it’s not the same as seeing them in such a beautiful and natural setting. I also follow some capybara accounts on TikTok, I love them 😁


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