ARCs Update: Review (The Cabin in the Woods)

Hello readers!

I’ve been in such a mood for thrillers lately, so here’s another thriller review!


The Cabin in the Woods by Sarah Alderson

Pub Date: 7 Jul 2022

I really did not like this, unfortunately. I enjoyed The Weekend Away very much, it was bonkers and even when the main character was insufferably clueless, it was still a fun read. But in The Cabin in the Woods, I was bored out of my mind and was put into a slump after finishing it. I should have DNF-ed it when it became clear in the beginning that this was not going to be as fun a read as TWA, but I thought at least it would have a few twists that would make it all worth it in the end… but that didn’t happen. Yes, there are a couple twists but they never feel worth it at all.

We get a dual narration, in one we know that the main character has escaped an institution where she was kept after having a breakdown, we know she committed a crime and we know it has to do with her husband, who’s a bad man. She spends most of this timeline stressfully bumbling about with an infection in her arm. In the second timeline, she’s meeting the husband, who’s perfect (we know he’s not) and does not realize he’s the actual devil until Something Happens (I will not say what exactly, for spoiler reasons) and by then like, 75% of the book is over. We KNOW he’s bad. I didn’t care to watch their relationship in such slow motion.

The ending felt like the writer got tired of writing the book and decided to just quickly finish it by introducing a random new character who does 98% of the work. It does not feel very satisfying at all, just forced, overdone and boring.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

ARCs Update: Review (The Cliff House)

Hello readers!

Sorry, I only have one review today to share. The last ARC I read (which is not the one I’m reviewing today) put me in a slump and I haven’t been able to read for a few days now.


The Cliff House by Chris Brookmyre

Pub Date 24 May 2022

The Cliff House is a And Then There Were None Retelling if it were set in a Scottish island for a hen party and everyone has secrets. This gives me strong Liane Moriarty and TJR vibes (if they wrote this kind of closed-room whodunits). This is very in line with the more over-the-top, fun thrillers that have seen a bit of a resurge lately and I’ve been having a lot of fun reading this kind of book. This was no exception! For a fun, over-the-top read, definitely pick this one up, it will keep you entertained – even if I thought the solution was pretty obvious, it was still fun to get there.

This was very good and entertaining, but it felt like I’ve read this story so many times before.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.