Mid-Year Check-In on My Reading Goals for 2022

Hello readers!

Soooo I don’t know for you guys, but for me 2022 has been flying by. June is already over and I feel like I barely did anything??

It’s that time of year when I look back at my objectives for the year and what I’m close to accomplishing, where I need to put more effort, and what to give up because my priorities may have changed. I actually really enjoy writing these posts because I’m rather goal-oriented and so I tend to do pretty well on stuff like this… except I did terribly this year and honestly I don’t care. (who am I???)

So, without further ado, here are my reading goals for 2022 and how I’m doing!

1) Get my TBR to 50 books

I am pretty sure my TBR barely moved, even though I read 60+ books so far. I’d actually like to accomplish this because I feel like having my TBR at 50 would leave a lot of room for me to spontaneously pick up something new, instead of always stressing about my to-read pile. I am not sure this will happen this year, but I surely can try.

I’m not too worried about this objective because I keep a cheat-list on Goodreads where I add all the books I am vaguely interested in and I routinely add them to my TBR if I’m in the mood for them, so I have an official TBR and this shadow TBR-if-I’m-in-the-mood.

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My Least Favorite Releases of 2022 So Far

Hello readers!

So last week I posted about my favorite releases of 2022 so far, so this week we’re getting spicy and talking about my least favorite books that came out (or will come out still) this year. Obviously this is just my opinion so don’t be upset if I disliked a book you liked. I usually don’t finish books if I get a feeling I won’t like them pretty early on, but these books I decided to finish for one reason or another.

Also! I might get a bit spoiler-y about the reasons why I disliked a book, so if you hate any kind of spoilers, skip this post!

The Club by Ellery Lloyd

Okay, let’s start with a lukewarm one. The book itself isn’t too bad at all, but I had such expectations because its premise is just so juicy. Rich, famous people in an exclusive club, secrets, murder, it all sounds so intriguing! But in the end the story was mostly about the staff and their drama, which to me was not nearly as appealing – and the fact that the narrators felt to me like they had the same exact voice didn’t help matters either. I picked this up for the entertainment and gossip, and ended up rather disappointed. As said, it’s not a bad book, but it’s not what I hoped it would be. To be honest, I probably just finished this because I was listening to it in audiobook at 1.8x speed and it was a short one.

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My Favorite Releases of 2022 So Far

Hello readers!

I can’t believe it’s June already (I say every year, about month, ad nauseum). I know we’re not yet quite halfway through but I wanted to talk about some of favorite releases of 2022 as of now. I still have a bunch of ARCs to go through and a lot of potential favorites which will only be released on the second half of the year, so I am not sure how many of the books below will be on my Favorites of the Year post, but I wanted to talk about them now, as I think there are so many brilliant books I read and love but don’t end up talking much about except on my end-of-the-year posts. So! Let’s talk great books!

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Emily Henry is not an author for everyone, I find that her contemporary-style romance (as in, reads like a contemporary book and not exactly like a romance, at times) doesn’t suit everyone, but this one really won me over. While I didn’t love the sisters relationship, the banter in this book was flawless and had me cackling like a witch in the bus on my way to work at seven thirty in the morning.

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