Summer Reading for 2022

Hello readers!

I’m so late with this post, I know. In my defense, I have been very lazy when it comes to blogging. There is so much going on in my personal life and my reading has been kind of all over the place, so I thought maybe I’d put together a list today: a few books I am planning to read this Summer and a few I’ve already read and enjoyed. This is a bit unplanned and unstructured but it’s either that or not posting at all, and I do miss blogging, so a half-assed post it is!

My 2022 Summer Reading List

Life Ceremony by Sayaka Murata

I’ve really really enjoyed Sayaka Murata’s Convenience Store Woman, and I think her simple, direct writing style is perfect for reading during Summer, when I’m usually not in the mood for something too dense. It also fits very well as a beach read, since this is a collection of short stories!

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Because obviously I had to add a romance story! I’ve already read Book Lovers, and highly enjoyed it. If you’re looking for a romance that is cute but realistic, emotional but not heart-wrenching, and full of small town shenanigans, this is surely a great pick.

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