Did I read my most anticipated books of 2022?

Hello readers!

It’s November and the year is nearly over – it feels like 2022 just started, but here we are. About a year ago I posted “Books Released on 2022 I Am Excited For“, so today I’m going to revisit that post and talk about the books I’ve read, if I enjoyed the them and if I still plan on reading the ones I didn’t get to yet.

I trimmed the original list down to the 12 books I was most excited for, otherwise the post would be a bit too long.

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley 

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2022 Hyped Releases I Won’t Be Reading

Hello readers!

I’m a mood reader and easily influenced by what everyone else is reading. BUT I also have 24h on my day, a full-time job and a limited amount of energy, so obviously I can’t pick up everything people hype up throughout the year, especially from genres I don’t usually read, like romance or YA contamporaries.

So, I could easily just pull a list of most anticipated romance books of the year and this post would be done, but that’s boring, so I’ll go through the genres I actually read and find some books I won’t be reading.

Starting out with some mysteries and thrillers, since these are the genres I read the most:

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Fall Book Recommendations by Vibes – 2022 Releases Edition: Dark Academia, Magical Historical Fiction, Paranormal and more

Hello readers!

It’s October! Fall is officially here and inevitably this time of year I feel like reading different kinds of books than those I picked up during Summer – I gravitate towards darker thrillers, magical stories and denser reads. I know a lot of my blog readers are also mood readers, and much like me, also are in the mood for picking up new releases. So I thought I’d combine both things and write a post about 2022 releases that I think are perfect for Fall. I’ve decided to include in this post books I haven’t read yet because they just fit so well for the categories. I plan on getting to all these books and if I end up really not liking them I’ll remove them from the list, but I did read a lot of reviews and feel pretty confident on my list.

So, without further ado, here are some books released this year that I think would be perfect to cuddle with during the Fall months.

Magical Historical Fiction

Okay, so I love picking up historical fiction during the colder months, although I tend to gravitate towards this genre during Winter, but during Fall I prefer reading something a bit more magical, a bit less realistic – and the books below deliver exactly what I love: magical, eerie vibes, a bit of a dark mood, and the historical setting that gives the reader an immersive experience.

Lapvona by Ottessa Moshfegh

I’m starting with a bit of a controversial one. Lapvona is written by the author of My Year of Rest and Relaxation, but except for the great, sharp writing present in all Moshfegh’s books, it is an entirely different book. Set in a fictional Europe-inspired village during medieval times, this is the story of a boy whose hard and brutal life is turned upside down when he kills the son of the village’s governor. This book took me for a ride, and it’s wildly dark and violent with hints of magical realism, but also very engaging in its bleakness and I felt almost hypnotized by it. It’s very good, but not for everyone.

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