ARCs from Netgalley I Still Have to Read

Hello readers!

This post is a self call-out so that maybe I’ll finally pick up some of the eARCs that have been collecting dust in my Netgalley account. Nine books is not a lot, but I’ve been requesting a lot less these past months and some of these have been on my shelves for a year already.

I wrote this post on October, so hopefully by the time this goes live, I’ve actually read one or two books?? One can dream.

Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart

Oh god this has been out for a while now, but I read Shuggie Bain not that long ago (okay, a year ago) and it broke my heart so much I’ve been hesitating to pick this one up. But I will! Soon! Probably.

Death on Gokumon Island by Seishi Yokomizo

I’ve had this one since April and it sounds amazing and I have NO excuse why I haven’t read it already. I’ve been prioritizing 2022 releases the past months so I can get some posts out by December with favorites/least favorites so that’s probably why. But I love this kind of closed-room mystery so I’ll probably read it soon!

This World Does Not Belong to Us by Natalia García Freire

This is a book translated from Spanish about a young man who returns to his home and finds everything changed. It’s supposed to be a lyrical, raw debut and I love this kind of story – I kind of planned to read this for WIT month but I read other books instead so I’m hoping to read this soon but don’t have any plans as to when exactly.

Ithaca by Claire North

Okay so I’m getting a little bit sick of Greek retellings and, considering my favorite authors in this niche are still coming out with books once in a wile, I had no interest in picking up another book, but it just happened. This is the story of Penelope of Ithaca, wife of Odysseus, and I’ve been saying since forever that someone should write her story, so I’m more than pleased this book has been getting good reviews and will probably read it soon!

Too Much of Life by Clarice Lispector

I have a love-hate relationship with Clarice Lispector’s writing. But at the end of the day, it’s Clarice, so of course I’ll read anything by her. I do love her chronicles / short stories though, so I’ll super excited for this book! But since it’s so huge, I’ve no idea when I’ll actually get to it.

No Gods, No Monsters by Cadwell Turnbull

Oh god I have no memory what this is about. Just quickly checked and seems to be a social commentary horror, which, yay! I have no actual plans to read this but I do love horror, so maybe soon?

Other Women by Emma Flint

I haven’t read Little Deaths but did hear great things about it – Emma Flint’s sophomore novel Other Women is based on a real life murder from a hundred years ago, so it sounds heartbreaking and also like it will talk about the situation of women and the justice system in those days, so I’m quite hyped for it! It comes out in February 2023 so maybe I’ll take a couple more months to pick this up, because the 2022 releases to-read list is LONG.

Nothing Can Hurt You Now by Simone Campos

SO excited for this one! Nothing Can Hurt You Now is a translation of the Brazilian horror/thriller by Simone Campos and I’m over the moon that I got a copy! It will also be published in English on February 2023 so I guess I’ll push it a couple months on my reading list but I’m very excited to read it.

The Book of the Most Precious Substance by Sara Gran

I saw Kayla from Books and Lala read this and LOVE it. While she and I have very different tastes, I am easily influenced to read any new thrillers and horror, because I read so many throughout the year and often need new recommendations. So when I saw this on Netgalley, I knew I had to get it!


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    • I think lately I’ve been rejected for so many ARCs I don’t even feel excited to check on my Netgalley tbh… that’s why some of these ARCs are on my list for almost a year by now. Happens.

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