Discussion: My No-Buy List

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Dear readers,

I am creating a no-buy list, of authors I never want to buy books from because of my principles. I am aware this is difficult – the separation of art and artist is a difficult conversation and it’s not my intention with this post. I would like to make sure I have all the information I need before buying books and make sure I don’t forget someone I wouldn’t like to buy books from.

I’ll add it to my Bullet Journal lists, which I carry with me when I go out anyways, so it’s easy to check before buying! Paper Fury has a great discussion in this post about this theme.

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5 Favorite Authors #1


I was going to post today my Top 5 Authors of All Times Ever in my Entire Life, but I couldn’t really do that with absolute certainty that they would still be my favorite ones some time from now. As I am sure happens to many of you as well, my favorite authors change according to my mood and what I look for when I read. So here are my favorite authors at the moment, meaning those were the first 5 that popped up in my head when I was figuring out a top 5. Let me know in the comments if you have a top 5 and, if yes, who they are! Continue reading