Frankfurt Book Fair 2017 #fbm17

Hello, bookworms!

As some of you know from my Twitter, I was at the Frankfurt Book Fair this weekend, and I’m here now to tell you guys how it went! My first surprise was at how big the event was! You see in the picture below the building, which is far away because I only thought of taking a picture of it as I was leaving and I was too lazy to go back, also I like trees during fall, so.


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Book Haul #2 July/August 2017 + I’M BACK BABY

Hello readers!

I am back! I want to thank you guys for sending me such wonderful and caring comments while I was out, I was very, very happy to read them. You’re all very sweet and the messages made my day a little brighter!

I took some days off to breathe a little and concentrate on getting better and disconnecting. Although I love blogging, it was starting to feel like a chore, so I took a step back from that as well. I’ve been slowly getting back to answering comments, reading posts and such, and the past couple days I’m basically back to the normal rhythm.

Things are getting better but there’s still a long way to go. Depression and anxiety aren’t fun to deal with, nor do they go away easily. If you feel like things have been getting too much, please look for help. Talking to friends and family WILL help and they will not think it’s stupid. If it feels too scary to tell them, write honestly what is going on, everything, in detail, just for yourself. Tangible things are easier to deal with, and simply seeing your problems in front of you can help you find a solution. Don’t hesitate to contact someone in your area, or try apps like 7 Cups of Tea.

So now I feel more like myself and I’M BACK BABY!

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Book Haul #1, May/17


I am having today my first book haul in this blog! As I started the blog a few days into May, I am not sure if the books below were the only ones I got, but are the ones I remember getting during my last bookstore trip. They aren’t many because I am trying not to hoard books, so sometimes there are months when I won’t buy books.


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