Is it worth getting a Kindle Unlimited subscription?

Dear readers!

I have used Kindle Unlimited once about two years ago, and I read some really great stuff there and some really bad stuff too. Thinking about that, plus the fact that I am in a book ban (again…) and I realized that Kindle Unlimited was a loop hole on my ban (hehe), I decided to try it for the 30-days free trial period! But then I had around three thousand ARCs to read, so I only read a few books on the free trial month. Then, for the sake of committing to blogging (just kidding, there were books I wanted to read hehehe), I stayed for another month.

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My Experience

I really like using the this subscription, as I love reading thrillers, and there’s a few classics in there too, plus lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Audiobooks, and it’s quite nice that I can switch seamlessly from ebook to Audiobook with this. I will probably not use it EVERY month, but there’s a lot of good books on the list and I will be using it from time to time. During this experience I read 10 books. A few other I ended up getting from either Netgally or Edelweiss, so I could definitely have added easily another 5 to this list if it wasn’t for that!

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Valentine’s Day: A Romance Books Discussion

Dear readers,

Happy Valentine’s Day! In my country, this is celebrated on June 12th, but since my boyfriend is European, we also celebrate it on February 14th. Do you have a Valentine’s Day tradition? I have to say I don’t have any… we both kind of keep it low key and maybe give each other chocolate or go out to have dinner… but nothing too much.

Anyway, if you have been reading my blog for a while, you probably know I’m not a big romance reader. I’ve never read a Nora Roberts, a Danielle Steel or a Nicholas Sparks book. I don’t mind reading romance in books, but I don’t particularly seek them out. Normally, my favorite romances are also from another genre, like fantasy. This comes probably from my own prejudices regarding the romance genre, for which I am not proud of (see what I did there?? No?? See the gif below then).

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Cool “Read Now” Books on Netgalley!

Hey readers!

If you are new to Netgalley, or if you are an international blogger and haven’t been approved for books for a while because a lot of books are just not possible for us to Request, but only Wish For but would still like to read some good books, I have a few suggestions! I haven’t read all of those yet, but I have them on my Shelf and have researched a lot on those books’ blurb.

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Herding Cats Sarah AndersenHerding Cats by Sarah Andersen is a cute book full of comics that are so relatable!! Sarah’s work is very cool, cute and honest about adulting, making friends as an adult, being introverted, etc…  Continue reading

10 Things That Changed Since I Started Blogging

Hello readers!

What has changed for you since you started blogging? Did you expect your habits to change at all? Did they come as a surprise for you?

Here’s what changed for me!

  1. I now use words like “enthralling” and “gripping”. It seems like “SO GOOD” isn’t an entire review, after all. Also “unputdownable” is a word??
  2. I read more critically. Not only analyzing if it was a good book or not, or what has called my attention about it, but also more pointed things, like writing style, book tropes, pacing. Probably because of that, I recommend books to people more confidently. Because now I know what I found good or bad about what I read, so it’s easier to see if someone will like it or not. Although sometimes my brain just goes a bit stupid and all I can think about after reading is “SO GOOD” and writing a review becomes very difficult! 
  3. I read a lot of new releases! I’m 100% a mood reader, and seeing a book going around on Instagram, Book blogs, Booktube etc will definitely make me want to read it more. This happens far more often with new releases than older books, soo…
  4. I tried audiobooks! Really great experience, which I definitely would not have tried without blogging!
  5. I read more YA and fantasy. After having a couple disappointing experiences with YA, I’d become more cautious with the genre, and found myself inclined towards women’s fiction far more. But now I get awesome recommendations that definitely don’t disappoint at all. Fantasy also sometimes can be a hit or miss for me, but with reading more reviews I get far more hits now! 
  6. I learned and use acronyms daily, like TBR, YA, NA, ARC, MC… book blogging has its own language.
  7. I created Twitter, something I never thought I would. And Twitter is more fun than I thought. So hard to keep your thoughts to 140 characters, though. (when I wrote this post at least… now it’s 280 characters, but I’m team 140)
  8. I also created a public Instagram account, which means I now take photos of books randomly in places I go to, while looking like a weirdo who photographs books on top of pumpkins while an old couple judges me. #truth
  9. I use lots of my spare time to read and blog, and have no idea what I did before with said spare time. Did I have friends? I vaguely remember faces. 
  10. I am more lenient with my ratings. As now I start listing exactly what I like and dislike about a book, sometimes small things that made me very petty with the rating seem very small. Though twice it did happen that I had given a better rating and changed for a worse one when writing the review. The majority of the ratings tend to go up, though.

Books I’m Not Sure If I Should Add to My TBR #1

Hello readers!

I would like your help! As explained on my Anti-TBR post, I am quite critical of the books that make it to my TBR. A lot of times they don’t make it, and a lot of times they do. Most of the time, however, the books simply remain on a sort of limbo, where I am not sure if to read them or not. So I convince myself I will add them if I keep hearing about them and if I still want them after a few weeks, but sometimes it isn’t that simple!

Some of the books below I have simply been unable to decide for years. Because I normally don’t take note of the “limbo” books, I had to force my memory a bit here. I’m sure there are many more that I will remember, which is why I wrote this post as a series.

If you’ve read any of the books below, please let me know in the comments what you thought!


The Princess Saves Herself in this One, by Amanda Lovelace 

I don’t like poetry a lot and I hardly ever read them. So I am very hesitant to add one to my TBR, but this one sounds so interesting! I’ve read very few reviews, and they either say “I hate this, it’s not even poetry”, or “I love it so much, it resonates with me a lot”. It tells a story through four point of views: the princess, the damsel, the queen, you. It sounds like a wonderful feminist piece, but it also sounds like it could be underwhelming.

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Why I read classics + Why you don’t need to

Hello readers!

Most of us have books in our to-read lists that we feel we should have read by now. Some books that everyone knows a bit of the story already and a lot of people pretend they’ve read because it’s almost embarrassing not to. That kind of book we call classic. Or, as Mark Twain puts it:

‘Classic’ is a book that people praise and don’t read. – Mark Twain

The other day I was going through my to-read list with the spirit of Let’s Get This Organized and realized that most of the books I deleted from it were classics. It got me wondering why it was that I seemed to have put so many classics on my list that I clearly didn’t want to read, and why I didn’t seem to be so attracted to classics in general.

Grinch Books Hate.gif

I came to the following conclusions:

  1. The blatant racism, misogyny and ableism which are very common in such books bother me a lot. Putting the stories in the context in which they were written only works so far for me – I lack patience and excel at being critical. Which means I have to put myself in a very particularly lenient mood to read a classic.
  2. Most of those stories I know by now, including how they end. There are movies, discussions, articles everywhere, and it feels a bit useless to read I book whose story I already know.
  3. I find many classics’ writing style boring. Too many rely on far too much description and introspection, meaning not all that much happens. Which is ok for most of them, I just need to be in the mood for that.
  4. Some of those I felt like I “needed to read” to complement my literary education. Nowadays I don’t think I need to read anything in particular, especially if I don’t want to.

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Discussion: What do you put in your bookish spreadsheet?

Hello readers!

This post is categorized under “Discussion”, but probably should have its own category of “Help me please”. I am going to start putting the books I review under a spreadsheet, as I would like to collect more information than I can do with WordPress and Goodreads alone. The things is: I am not sure of all the categories I’d like to put! I got some inspiration from this Book Riot post and this Lose Time Reading post.

The idea is to make future lists, statistics and organization easier, both for blogging and personal life. So here are the categories I’ve come up with! Please let me know if you have ideas of what else I should add!

General Info:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Date published
  • Pages
  • Standalone? Y/N
  • Name of series
  • Number in series

Blogging Data:

  • Review posted? Y/N
  • Date review was published
  • Rating
  • ARC? Y/N
  • Genres
  • Recommended? Y/N

Info for Statistics

  • Author gender
  • Author nationality
  • Author POC? Y/N
  • Book setting
  • Date started
  • Date finished
  • How I got the book (bought/received by Netgalley, etc)

Goodreads Challenge: Do you do it?

Hello book lovers!

When it comes to the Goodreads reading challenge, I’ve seen quite some opinions around, and I thought it would be interesting to see what you guys think about it. Personally I use the feature, since then I can keep track of what I am reading and how much I read that year. It keeps a digital record that allows me to go back to it and analyze it as I will – often in the beginning of the year I check what I read the year before and notice some sort of pattern that I want to explore more or avoid, for example if I read too many thrillers, I will try to vary to other genres, if I read books from too few different countries, I will put an effort and plan to diversify, etc…

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