What I read for #Tropeathon (Mini-Reviews)

Hello book lovers!

As you know, I participated on Tropeathon this week, hosted by Misty and Chelle! There are nine prompts, which I managed to cover with the three books below. So in the end I read exactly what I’d planned, plus finished an audiobook from last week. The Bride Test I got finished on day 2 of the readathon, so I felt pretty confident and considered adding another book to it, but then my life got crazy busy and I only got some time here and there to read – so I finished The Wicked King by Saturday night and devoured Binti on Sunday!

the bride test helen hoang BInti Nnedi Okorafor the wicked king holly black

I started with The Bride Test, by Helen Hoang! I’ll be posting a full review of this, since it’s an eARC, but to sum up: this was a sweet, quick read and oh my gosh, completely adorable. ★★★★☆

I then picked up The Wicked King, by Holly Black for an exciting, fast-paced fantasy and boy, did it scratch that itch. This was twisty and dark and delicious to read. I can barely wait for book 3! ★★★★☆

Finally, on Sunday I picked up Binti, by Nnedi Okorafor and… did not like it so much. I loved the world, the concept of the book, the story… but not the writing. I could not connect to the character so well and found it a bit too dry and too fast paced. ★★★☆☆


I’m joining #Tropeathon this July! (and here’s what I’ll read)

Hello book lovers!

I haven’t participated in a readathon in a long time, and thought this would be a nice one to join! In case you don’t know, Tropeathon was created by Chelle and Misty, two bloggers that I admire a lot, so I was excited to see their collaboration!

Here are the prompts! (Image from their Twitter @tropeathon)

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12-hour Readathon: How it went!

Hello Bookworms!

Last weekend my boyfriend (who wishes to remain anonymous… but I swear he exists) and I decided to do a Readathon and read for 12 hours straight (we didn’t take books to the bathroom breaks though… if you must know). It was the first time we did that, so we prepared ourselves and got lots of snacks, coffee, wine and comfy pants. Here were our choices of reading, his on the left and mine on the right:




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Comic Con Germany 2017 – My experience

Hello book lovers!

This weekend was the second edition of Comic Con in Germany! To be honest, I was not going to go, initially, as I am not that much into comics, but I was convinced (I must confess I didn’t take that much convincing) by my boyfriend and so we went! I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I just wore a Wonder Woman tee and put some lipstick on. Enough to get funny looks on the train, but once I arrived at Comic Con, I blended with the crowd.

Comic Con Germany 2017

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