Why Did I Start Running? (aka wtf am I doing)


Hello readers!

So, I run consistently 2-3 times per week for the last months. You guys don’t know me in real life, so here is a piece of information that might make you understand a little more why this is shocking: I SUCK at anything athletic. I played football (soccer) in High School and I was the goalkeeper because, while I was a GREAT goalkeeper with reflexes of a ninja, the fact is that I could not run for my life, so all other positions on the team were a big no-no to me. The sports I’m best at are reading marathons and foosball (table football). So you can say I’m not the most athletic person.

There are a few reasons why I started running, and better reasons why I continue to run.

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Why I Started

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First, I need to do something about my cardiovascular health – it’s my highest priority and it must always be. I’ve got a strong family history of heart problems, and I’ve had high cholesterol since my teens (genetics, huh). It’s now under control, but I will always have to watch that with exercise and food. Since I hated all kinds of aerobics anyway, I decided running sounded like the most effective way to improve heart health in a short time. If I had to suffer, I’d do it efficiently. (typical me, tbh) Continue reading

My Health and Fitness Journey, Introduction


Hello book lovers!

Today we start something new in the blog. I ran a poll on Twitter and also asked on a blog post, and you guys were overwhelmingly positive towards a new series of health & fitness posts according to my personal experience. I will initially write these every two weeks in addition to my bookish posts (that I’d already scheduled for most of April anyway when I ran the poll) and then see how it goes and how much time I actually need for them. Might not be sustainable over time to have 4 posts in a week, so we will figure this out together.

I thought of creating these posts because it’s a good way to stay motivated (also being held accountable by the fact that all of you now know about it) and to maybe let other people see that it’s possible to be healthier without being skinny, super restrictive with your diet or a natural-born athlete.

I am not nervous about writing about such a personal thing to me (you guys have been amazing when I opened up about my mental health issues before, for example), but I am a bit wary that this kind of posts will bring a different public to my blog that might be far less kind than the bookish community. But I think these posts might actually make a difference for myself and for others, so I am motivated to write them. Continue reading