Bookish Boardgames Recommendations #1 + a guest!

Hello bookworms!
Ha, this post is and isn’t about books. How mischievous. For this one, my very good friend Clio @ Clio’s Boardgames and I came together with a few boardgames with bookish themes as ideas for what to give to people for Christmas or, most likely, for yourself. Games are great for getting people together and, contrary to popular belief, boardgames don’t ALWAYS have to end up like Monopoly, with broken families and friends turned enemies, as well as a terrible idea of how going to jail works. No, sir! Games can be actually fun, and to me it’s twice the fun if the game also has a fun theme and you spend the first 20min deciding who you’re going to play because you just wanna be all of them.


My Christmas socks and my Christmas mug (well… one of them)

Joking apart, boardgaming has really come far the past few years, with the introduction of a lot of games where you play in a collaborative way instead of against each other for example, if you and your siblings simply are too competitive and will turn Christmas into Apocalypse-mas.

There are many more games we’d like to try out, but we’ll leave them for a next post so we can have this one up before Christmas! 🙂 Continue reading


10 Things That Changed Since I Started Blogging

Hello readers!

What has changed for you since you started blogging? Did you expect your habits to change at all? Did they come as a surprise for you?

Here’s what changed for me!

  1. I now use words like “enthralling” and “gripping”. It seems like “SO GOOD” isn’t an entire review, after all. Also “unputdownable” is a word??
  2. I read more critically. Not only analyzing if it was a good book or not, or what has called my attention about it, but also more pointed things, like writing style, book tropes, pacing. Probably because of that, I recommend books to people more confidently. Because now I know what I found good or bad about what I read, so it’s easier to see if someone will like it or not. Although sometimes my brain just goes a bit stupid and all I can think about after reading is “SO GOOD” and writing a review becomes very difficult! 
  3. I read a lot of new releases! I’m 100% a mood reader, and seeing a book going around on Instagram, Book blogs, Booktube etc will definitely make me want to read it more. This happens far more often with new releases than older books, soo…
  4. I tried audiobooks! Really great experience, which I definitely would not have tried without blogging!
  5. I read more YA and fantasy. After having a couple disappointing experiences with YA, I’d become more cautious with the genre, and found myself inclined towards women’s fiction far more. But now I get awesome recommendations that definitely don’t disappoint at all. Fantasy also sometimes can be a hit or miss for me, but with reading more reviews I get far more hits now! 
  6. I learned and use acronyms daily, like TBR, YA, NA, ARC, MC… book blogging has its own language.
  7. I created Twitter, something I never thought I would. And Twitter is more fun than I thought. So hard to keep your thoughts to 140 characters, though. (when I wrote this post at least… now it’s 280 characters, but I’m team 140)
  8. I also created a public Instagram account, which means I now take photos of books randomly in places I go to, while looking like a weirdo who photographs books on top of pumpkins while an old couple judges me. #truth
  9. I use lots of my spare time to read and blog, and have no idea what I did before with said spare time. Did I have friends? I vaguely remember faces. 
  10. I am more lenient with my ratings. As now I start listing exactly what I like and dislike about a book, sometimes small things that made me very petty with the rating seem very small. Though twice it did happen that I had given a better rating and changed for a worse one when writing the review. The majority of the ratings tend to go up, though.

Fun Quizzes for Bookworms!

Hi bookworms!

So, I love quizzes. I’d do quizzes all day, if it was a profession. So I thought maybe you guys also love quizzes and more specifically bookish quizzes, because if there is something bookworms like to do, is sort themselves in Hogwarts houses, Prythian courts, kids of Olympian gods and so on… SO WELL. If you didn’t know how to spend the next few hours doing something totally productive, I’m here to help you!

So I’ve separated into categories so it’s easier for you, for example, if you haven’t read Harry Potter and don’t quite care what house you belong to, you can just skip until you find a series you are more curious about, or you can skip to the last part, where I put more general bookish questions, not related to specific books.

A Court of Thorns and Roses

What Court Would You Belong To?

Which ACOTAR character are you? Continue reading

The Unofficial Catalog of Stereotypical Characters

Hello bookworms!

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve seen that character before? Do you get déja-vù constantly while reading certain books?? Well, your problems are over! I present to you the Unofficial Catalog of Stereotypical Characters, along with some books where they show up. Maybe you have seen this character before – find out below!

This post will be continuously completed and expanded. (and is full of sarcasm!)

“Badass” Damsel in Distress: This one is an evolution to the Damsel in Distress. She is allegedly badass, maybe has combat training or so, but really can’t deal with anything without her male love interest.

Example: Lia (The Kiss of Deception), Clary (The Mortal Instruments),

Best Friend With No Personal Life: This character solely exists with the purpose of listening to the main character’s complaints, helping in whatever way they can, giving words of wisdom and never caring for their own life and needs. Bonus points if they literally die for the hero/heroine.

Example: Reagan (Fangirl), Pauline (The Kiss of Deception), Sam (The Lord of the Rings) Continue reading

10 Book Recommendations for Fall

Helloooo, fellow book lovers!

I am so excited for Fall! Since moving to Europe, I am ridiculously happy with Fall stuff, it’s Pumpkin Season™ and I will have pumpkin everything, please (we don’t have pumpkin stuff in Brazil, so leave me be with my silly happiness). Pumpkin soup, pumpkin pasta, grilled pumpkin, pumpkin cake, GIMME ALL THE PUMPKIN. Also: DIE, FLIES, DIEEE

Okay, calming down and focusing…

Here are some suggestions of books for Fall! They are mostly creepy reads, but I also added a few cozy ones.

11019333636993588495 Continue reading

Anti-TBR #2: Popular books I am not going to read

Hello book lovers!

So, writing the #1 of this series was such fun, and honestly one of my favorite posts to write! I have one rule when it comes to my TBR: it cannot pass 100 books. It’s a purely arbitrary rule, but I found it helps me keep in check the books I really am interesting in vs. the ones I feel I should read because they are classics, or so hyped, etc.

Just to make it clear once more: the books I list here are not books I think are bad. They are just books I have decided not to read, at least for now, and didn’t make the cut to the 100 books I want to read most.

Without further ado, let’s get to the list!

 Ready Player One, by Ernerst Cline

This book is a YA science fiction, and lately I’ve been reading quite some science fiction. But it just doesn’t speak to me, although I cannot point out precisely why. Maybe it’s all the 80s references this book is supposed to have. Maybe I’ve just read too much dystopia lately. In any case, it just didn’t interest me enough to kick out a book from my TBR to add this one instead. In addition to that, I have read quite some “meh” and some negative reviews about it. Continue reading

Books I’m Not Sure If I Should Add to My TBR #1

Hello readers!

I would like your help! As explained on my Anti-TBR post, I am quite critical of the books that make it to my TBR. A lot of times they don’t make it, and a lot of times they do. Most of the time, however, the books simply remain on a sort of limbo, where I am not sure if to read them or not. So I convince myself I will add them if I keep hearing about them and if I still want them after a few weeks, but sometimes it isn’t that simple!

Some of the books below I have simply been unable to decide for years. Because I normally don’t take note of the “limbo” books, I had to force my memory a bit here. I’m sure there are many more that I will remember, which is why I wrote this post as a series.

If you’ve read any of the books below, please let me know in the comments what you thought!


The Princess Saves Herself in this One, by Amanda Lovelace 

I don’t like poetry a lot and I hardly ever read them. So I am very hesitant to add one to my TBR, but this one sounds so interesting! I’ve read very few reviews, and they either say “I hate this, it’s not even poetry”, or “I love it so much, it resonates with me a lot”. It tells a story through four point of views: the princess, the damsel, the queen, you. It sounds like a wonderful feminist piece, but it also sounds like it could be underwhelming.

Continue reading

Books coming out August/2017 I’m dying to read

Hello readers!

This August is a really good month for book publishing! Below are some of the books coming out throughout the month and that I really want to read. What are you guys excitedly waiting for in August?

29749085I just know I have to read Wonder Woman: Warbringer. The beautiful the cover, the amazing the story, it’s just so much goodness into one book. I must confess I am not familiarized yet with Leigh Bardugo’s work, I have Six of Crows staring at me on my TBR pile but I have other books to read before that one. I normally don’t put many books by the same author on my TBR but… just look at this!

Goodreads synopsis excerpt: She will become one of the world’s greatest heroes: WONDER WOMAN. But first she is Diana, Princess of the Amazons. And her fight is just beginning. . . .

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Another Listicle Tag Post

Hello readers!

I was tagged by Darque Dreamer Reads on this really fun tag! Thank you so much, I am quite excited to answer this one! In case you don’t know her blog, Darque Dreamer has one really stylish blog, writes really great reviews and takes absolutely gorgeous pictures of books! Plus, she rates her books in fairies, so… what are you waiting for to visit her blog?

What is the Listicle Tag?

The listicle tag is a post that contains a list format for a topic or set of questions.


  • Create your own listicle tag, using the prompt from the person who tagged you.
  • Tag the creator of the post (not-so-modern-girl!) so that she can read all your brilliant posts and see how the joy of listicles is being spread.
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Darque Dreamer Prompt

Choose 5 books, television shows, or movies that your opinion of is different from the popular opinion.

I have answered the Unpopular Opinions Tag in this post, so I did my best not to mention the same books!

Brave New World Huxley

Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley is a well-beloved science-fiction dystopia which explores a world in which the government controls the population by making them… happy. I will not linger much here, as I have a review on this book coming up soon, but – I just didn’t get into the hype. The story felt inconsistent and written at different paces randomly, I didn’t relate to the characters (especially not the Savage) and although I appreciate the innovation and creativity of the book, I thought it was just meh.

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