Bookstores Around the World: Berlin, Germany

Hello book lovers!

On the second installment of this series, I have some places in Berlin to talk about today. I’m super excited about this post, because I really love Berlin. It was the first place I ever tried a Pumpkin Spice Latte (it was okay), and went to a Banksy exposition, which I thought was so very underground, and my boyfriend chuckled in true German-Hipster style and said it was actually very mainstream. Berlin is a very interesting city: it’s both vibrant and dark. There is so much history ingrained in its buildings that it’s impossible not to have your heart broken by visiting the Wall, the Jewish memorials, and the various museums that present unflinching memories of WWII. But it’s also a place full of artistic expression, and oh my gosh, so very hipster. You can literally visit an abandoned amusement park, stay in a hotel decorated with books, go to a restaurant inspired by toilets (I didn’t go there).

It’s also quite perfect for bookish people. There are SO MANY bookstores (I live in a small city, so please forgive my wide-eyed childlike amazement). Here are the ones I went to!

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Saint Georges English Bookshop

Google Maps:

2017 10 03 Berlin Saint Georges Profile.jpg

Yes, that is the bookstore from my profile picture! This place is such a treat to the eyes – books from floor to the ceiling! It does make it so very difficult to find particular books, but it’s quite wonderful to just let your eyes wander from one beautiful spine to the next and get the books that call your name. While the non-fiction section is much, much larger than the fiction one, you can surely find nice things in the fiction section. Continue reading


Choose a Movie or Animation and Get a Book Recommendation #1

Hello book lovers!

I’m not a big person for movies, I surely enjoy watching them but I hardly ever do. It’s difficult for me to actually love a movie, but those I do… I watch over and over. I actually have a surprising soft spot for rom coms. And an unsurprising soft spot for nostalgic Disney movies that transport me to my childhood. Apart from The Butterfly Effect, which my sister loves but I never managed to finish because it made me AGONIZE, I love the movies below and I think some of you might too!

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If you like I Give It a Year…

Resultado de imagem para i give it a year gif


after i do taylor jenkins reid

If you loved this movie for its emotional punch and truthful take on a marriage that might or not work out, After I Do is such a great read.

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Psychological Thrillers to Read if You Loved “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn

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Hello readers!

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was such a phenomenon when it came out, and it’s still one of the best-selling thrillers ever. I loved it so much, and it got me addicted to psychological thrillers! Thinking about that, here are the psychological thrillers that remind me of Gone Girl and will give you the same vibes of a grey-moral character, manipulative villains, almost perfect crimes and mind-blowing twists!

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If you loved Gone Girl…

Gone Girl Gillian Flynn

You may also like:

based on a true story delphine de vigan 2247142 Behind Closed Doors B A Paris

Based on a True Story by Delphine de Vigan

This is not exactly a thriller, although it’s categorized as such. It’s a contemporary, charming and elegant, beautifully written – and chilling. Delphine merges fact and fiction in this book, telling the story of how she met L., a sophisticated woman with whom she develops a complicated relationship. But what are L.’s motivations? Where did she come from? Continue reading

1 Year of Romance Books (Update on my 2018 Valentine’s Day Post)

Hello readers!

If you remember, on Valentine’s Day I posted that I would try more books of the genre, since this is indisputably the least read genre in fiction for me. So today I am showing what I have read since, what I thought of those books and if they helped change my mind!

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What I read since February 2018

The Wedding Date Jasmne Guillory Wintersong S Jae-Jones Hollywood Dirt Alessandra Torre

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory
Hummm, I didn’t love neither hate this book. While it was entertaining, I didn’t buy the romance at all. It was just not for me, which was disappointing, being one of the few contemporary romances I’ve ever read. Also I found out that ~sexy scenes on Audiobooks just aren’t for me.
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones
I am so in love with this book. It’s got a lush, dark world building, a mysterious Goblin king, a talented main character, there’s lots of music and pain and love. It broke my heart.
Rating: ★★★★★

Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre
This was okay. I gave it 4 instead of 3 stars because the steamy scenes were SO sexy and because the main character had a no-nonsense personality, which I really appreciated.
Rating: ★★★★☆

Continue reading

Romantic Bookish Quotes to Send to your S.O. on Valentine’s Day

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Hello book lovers!

If you like sending cards or love letters to your valentine, then maybe you also find yourself in the same predicament as me: looking for hours for a good quote to really round up what you mean to say, something romantic that isn’t another Shakespeare sonnet. So I collected some of my favorites from YA fantasies, classics and anywhere else that I could think of. Leave in the comments some of your favorite quotes!

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“You’ve driven me crazy. You’ve caused me considerable trouble and I’ve contemplated ending your life twice since I’ve known you. But you’ve slipped into my skin, invaded my blood and seized my heart.”
Adapted, Maria V. Snyder, Poison Study

“Paradox of marriage: you can never know someone entirely; you do know someone entirely.”
― Lauren Groff, Fates and Furies Continue reading

Book Recommendations for 20-Somethings

I’ve been seeing lots of discussion on Twitter about the lack of New Adult books out there and how a lot of NA books get marketed as YA so that it gets read at all. So, after reading this recommendation list by Book Riot, I thought it would be interesting to come up with a list of my own.

I don’t really have lots of self-help (I’ve seen lots of those on other lists like this) because I don’t read those much. I have on this list romance, contemporary, fantasy and classics. Maybe a nonfiction or two. So, without further ado, here are some books I recommend for 20-somethings!

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the bell jar sylvia plath maybe in another life taylor jenkins reid after i do taylor jenkins reid

The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath

This is a classic that keeps getting recommended to people, especially women. I agree with that assessment – many people would benefit from reading this gorgeous book. Sylvia Plath has a beautiful writing style, but more than that, she captures the emptiness that a lot of people feel, that distance between oneself and others. It’s not an upbeat book, but a great read that will get you thinking. Continue reading

Books That I Didn’t Get What the Hype Was About

Hello readers!

I think we all got sold on a book or two (or twenty per week) because of the hype. If you’re part of the book blogging community, certainly your feed has been flooded with reviews, praise and glittery tears for certain books from time to time. You become so overwhelmingly curious that you must see what the fuss is about – and you read the book. This is how I met some of my favorite books ever, and also how I met the blandest, most disappointing reads.

This doesn’t mean the books are BAD or anything. They were just not for me. I read them and perhaps it was that I was not in the right mood, or the writing didn’t agree with me. Whatever the reason, they were not what I expected.

Here are some of the books I read because of the hype and they disappointed me one way or another.

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The Girl in the Train by Paula Hawkins Continue reading

YA Fantasy Books That Used to Be Popular But I Never Heard Of Again

Hello book lovers!

If you’re not a teen anymore, you probably look at these new shiny YA books and think – wow, how different the trends are from my teen years. I do, at least! Here are some of the books I heard LOTS about on my teen years until about 21 and don’t hear Anything about anymore!

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The Girl with Glass Feet, by Ali Shaw

I remember hearing a lot about this book a few years ago, it was actually the first book to make it to my Amazon wishlist, but I never ended up buying it. Then I never ever heard of it again, plus it was a 3.41 rating on Goodreads, so I don’t think I’ll read it. Have you guys read it?? Continue reading

Books Coming Out on 2019 I’m Looking Forward To

Bildergebnis für many books gif

I love reading these posts every season – it’s one of the best ways to find new books to read that one might not have heard of otherwise. Also, there’s overwhelmingly more YA than anything else because I follow basically only blogs of YA readers… although that’s not the genre I read most of (??). So I am sure I will add lots more General Fiction, Sci-Fi and so on as the year goes on!

So, without further ado, here are the books that come out this year that I want to read the most!

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Middle Grade:


To be perfectly honest, I don’t read MG a lot, but I always have so many on my TBR. *shrugs* When I’m on the mood for MG, I like to know there’s great stuff to read, and Dragon Pearl looks like a fantastic one.

Young Adult & New Adult:

Continue reading

My Bookish New Year’s Resolutions

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Hello bookworms!! Happy new year!!

This year my bookish resolutions are a bit different from last year, so I thought I would share with you guys!

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  1. I want to read less than I did in 2017. I want to read only what interests me, and not the books I feel I have to read for the hype, for blogging about it, for saying I’ve read it… I want to be 100% excited about every book I pick up!
  2. For the reason above, I want to request fewer eARCs
  3. I want to listen to more bookish podcasts!
  4. I want to read a lot more nonfiction, especially memoirs
  5. I want to get my TBR under 100 books, to encourage me to read more spontaneously, instead of feeling like I have to read certain books

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