More Fun and Light-Hearted Reads for Anxious Times

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In April I posted Fun and Light-Hearted Reads for Anxious Times, and I thought it would be nice to do a part 2 with books I’ve read in the meantime and some I had forgotten about before. These are feelgood stories I enjoyed and helped bring a smile to my face when I felt anxious or needed to take my mind off something. I think a lot of us could use that!

meet cute club jack harbon before the coffee gets cold toshikazu kawaguchi beach read emily henry

Meet Cute Club by Jack Harbon / Review

This is a sweet romance about Jordan and Rex, who meet in Jordan’s favorite bookstore and immediately dislike each other (while being also really attracted). Rex decides to join Jordan’s book club, where he and some old ladies read romances. It’s cute and with a super satisfying ending!

Before the coffee gets cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

This is a cozy sci-fi, which is a subgenre I adore. In a small café in Tokyo, time travel is real. If you seat on a particular seat (that is, when the ghost isn’t sitting there), you may go to any time in the past, but you must return before the coffee gets cold. It’s a sweet story about love, second chances and forgiveness. It’s less “fun” than the other stories, but it’s heart-warming!

Beach Read by Emily Henry / Review

This is the story of two rival writers who detest each other but strike a surprising friendship and decide to swap genres. It’s a sweet romance, with surprising depth when dealing with grief, broken marriages, family secrets, forgiveness and even lack of inspiration in creative work.

The Ladys Guide to Celestial Mechanics olivia waite red white and royal blue casey mcquiston when a scot ties the knot tessa dare

The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite

This is such a lovely romance between a widow who finds out she’s attracted to women and a young astronomer who’s just had her heart broken. I love, love, love astronomy and science in general, so it was very exciting to see some of that in this story. There is a bit of an age-gap but it was very interesting that the younger woman was actually the experienced one. Also it’s a historical fiction where their relationship isn’t such a great deal and there’s comparably little homophobia. Which was so great for a light read!

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

I somehow missed this book on my previous list?? This made me so happy reading it, it’s a very popular adorable romance between the First Son of the USA and a British Prince in an alternate universe where the US president elected in 2016 was a Southern woman. This book is so good I got it in eBook and Audiobook both!

When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare

This was so adorable! Set in Scotland, a young woman pretends she has a fiancé and writes to him regularly so her family will not make her marry. Years later, a dashing Captain shows up at her door and says he received all her letters and wants to marry her. It’s just so good!!

furiously happy jenny lawson a duke by default alyssa cole

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

I think Jenny Lawson is quite divisive, and now it’s been a few years since I read this, but I was going through a very difficult time in my life and this helped me laugh at it. She’s candid about anxiety, depression and life in general, and absolutely hilarious.

A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole

This is the second book of the Reluctant Royals series, and I recommend reading A Princess in Paper first, although it stands on its own pretty well – this is my favorite from the trilogy and it has the sunny/grumpy trope which I LOVE, one main character finding out he’s actually a Duke and pretty good representation on anxiety.

If you liked this book, try this F/F book! #2

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I really enjoy writing this kind of post, as it makes me think about the stuff I’ve read and can at times be a bit challenging to find comparable books when I want to recommend something in particular. It’s incredibly exciting that these past years there have been some really great F/F books coming out and getting more hype than in the past. Still we have a long way to go, and I think a great way to get people to read books they wouldn’t have thought of picking up before is finding readalikes!

I have another post like this: If you liked this book, try this F/F book!

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If you liked Normal People, try Exciting Times

normal people sally rooney exciting times noise dolan

Normal People is a very hyped book right now, for good reason. The love story of Marianne and Connell, their uncertainty, self-destruction and magnetic pull towards each other make for such a compelling read – and I think Naoise Dolan’s Exciting Times has a similar feel. Ava, living in Hong Kong and teaching English, is in a relationship with Julian, who does not love her but likes her company. When she meets Edith, a beautiful and powerful lawyer, they start falling in love, but Ava fails to tell her about her relationship with Julian. Choosing between her new and unknown relationship with Edith and the familiarity but lovelessness of Julian is scary and difficult, and Ava doesn’t know how to make that decision. It’s a quiet and interesting book, and the writing style resembles Sally Rooney’s quite a lot!

Normal People by Sally Rooney Goodreads / Review

Exciting Times by Naoise Dolan Goodreads / Review Continue reading

More Upcoming 2020 Releases I’m Looking Forward To

Hello readers!

Last year in December I posted the 2020 releases I was looking forward to, but every year a few months later we find out about a lot of other releases, especially upcoming on the second half of the year, therefore I thought it would be interesting to do a follow-up with other releases I’m looking forward to in the second half of 2020. This will include books from my first post, just in case new readers have missed or forgotten about these releases!

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51933429 52211784 44088751 catherine house elisabeth thomas beach read emily henry mexican gothic silvia moreno-garcia home before dark riley sager

June 02 – The Guest List by Lucy Foley / Goodreads

I loved loved loved The Hunting Party, so I’m very excited for this new Lucy Foley thriller!

June 9 — The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon / Goodreads

This just sounds super cute and I’ve heard amazing things about it, plus it’s nice to read romance from time to time! Continue reading

Upcoming F/F Books On My Radar

Hello readers!

I noticed that I haven’t posted anything F/F for a while, and it’s always nice to have more content like that and use my platform to hype them up. F/F doesn’t get nearly as much hype as M/F and M/M, so I like to highlight some amazing books from time to time! There are lots more coming out than the ones I’m listing here, but these are the ones on my radar that I’ve been seriously considering reading or are already on my TBR. I don’t read much YA nowadays, but if you do, definitely check out some lists by other amazing bloggers, like Rainbow Reads, Charlotte, Anne, Emily Kate, YA Bookers. There are surely a bunch of posts I’ve forgotten, so please link yours below if you have a recommendation post!

50929989. sy475 throwaway girls andrea contos 46041449

Burning Roses by S.L. Huang / Goodreads Continue reading

Fun and Light-Hearted Reads for Anxious Times

Hello readers!

These aren’t the best times for anxious people, and we all try to deal with is in different ways – I particularly enjoyed reading Severance, by Ling Ma during this time, but I admit reading this kind of book during our current times might be a bit too much for some readers. If you’re looking for fun, light-hearted books, here are some that I found very soothing! A few of them are romances, thankfully the romance genre completely Gets It that sometimes all we need is low stakes fluff. I hope you enjoy them, and let me know in the comments if you have more book recommendations!

[Edit 04/04/2020] This post ended up published before I finished due to my conflict in personal appointments, so I’ve edited now most of the content below! Enjoy 🙂

Other bloggers have posted their lists, too, which are pretty cool:

Callum McLaughlin – Let’s Recommend | Feel-Good Nonfiction


Reading Ladies Book Club – Lighter Reads During Stressful Times

sourdough robin sloan 1 natalie tans book of luck and fortune roselle lim the bromance book club lyssa kay adams Continue reading

Thoughts on the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2020 Longlist

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The longlist for the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2020 came out! (crowd cheers)

My TBR cries as I add 13 books to it, but that’s okay because I’m pretty excited to read those. I am surprised that Ducks, Newburyport didn’t make it and honestly disappointed to not see it there. I’m less surprised that The Man Who Saw Everything and My Dark Vanessa didn’t make it either, but I really wish they had! The Testaments isn’t there either, which actually pleases me, as I really didn’t want to pick it up.

My thoughts on the books for this year: Continue reading

4 Books I Hope Are Longlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction + 2 I Hope Aren’t

Hello readers!

The longlist for the Women’s Prize for Fiction comes out next week! There are a few great prediction posts out already: Hannah’s Women’s Prize for Fiction 2020: Longlist predictions and Emily’s Women’s Prize 2020: Longlist Predictions, Wishes are some really great reads that hyped me even more for the prize. Really worth a read!

There are lots of really great books are eligible this year, and there are some that I particularly would love to see in the longlist:

my dark vanessa kate elizabeth russel the man who saw everything deborah levy girl woman other bernardine evaristo

My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell / eARC Review

This was a dark, challenging read that feels very timely. I think it would be a great addition to the list!

The Man Who Saw Everything by Deborah Levy / Mini-Review

Oh, this was GREAT. Although I have reservations about a story about a man making it to the list, I think it’s a really good book and it deserves recognition! It’s basically as unreliable as a narrator gets.

Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo / eARC Review

I think this is a very obvious choice for the longlist, but it would be very deserved. This book is so interesting and I LOVE that each character got their own story told, and you can see how easily a person gets misunderstood and misrepresented by someone else. Such a great book. Continue reading

5 Recommendations of Thrillers in Audiobook

Hello bookworms!

I love thrillers – and I tend to listen to them more than read in print or e-book, and I enjoy listening to something gripping while I’m walking somewhere or if I’m going to the market on my own, sometimes cleaning, too. I end up reading a lot of thrillers, and today I’m recommending the best ones I listened to! I think audiobook thrillers are a great way to do long walks, if you’re trying to get more of those done, or to do some light jogging while listening to someone getting stabbed, it can really help take your mind out of your shin splits.

Blog Divider Stillhouse Lake Rachel Caine truly devious maureen johnson lock every door by riley sager

Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine / Goodreads

Stillhouse Lake is the story of a woman whose husband has been discovered to be a serial killer, and is now in jail. She and her children changed their names and try their best to live normal lives, but they are haunted by trauma, shock and threats from people who refuse to believe that the wife of a serial killer knew nothing of the horrific things happening right under her nose. They move to a house near the lake and hope to start over, but it looks like their cover might be busted and her husband’s “fans” could just get to them…

The audio narration for this is really amazing, it fits the main character so well. I was hooked on this and if I remember correctly, finished the book in a day. Still one of the best thrillers that are out there, in my opinion! Continue reading

My Favorite Brazilian Books Translated to English + 1 Written in English

Hello bookworms!

So, in case you don’t know, I’m Brazilian! I don’t talk much about Brazilian books here because they don’t get translated very often and I have little access to them in Germany, but I love reading in Portuguese – it’s a beautiful, beautiful language that I miss all the time. I thought it would be a nice and timely post to publish, some stories that don’t involve capitalizing on Latinx pain but rather tell stories about identity, love, adventure and so on. Who knows, you might even humanize us! (If you don’t get my joke, read this)

(Also, I don’t like Paulo Coelho’s writing, so please don’t ask me in the comments why I didn’t include his books here.)

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stubborn archivist yara rodrigues fowler

Stubborn Archivist by Yara Rodrigues Fowler

This book is written originally in English, which means it’s probably the most accessible book from this list! It’s the story of a young woman, half-English, half-Brazilian, living in the UK and navigating her identity through her life. It was a very interesting experience to read this book as I was nodding along “Yes, it’s exactly like that!”. Really good representation, although I feel like readers with no context on Brazilian culture & history might feel a little lost.

My Review / Goodreads (EN) Continue reading