The Sunday Snuggle W41/2019: Weekly Wrap Up

Hello readers!

I think I am finally out of my reading slump – this week I managed to finish a bunch of book I had started weeks ago, so it looks like a very prolific week reading-wise but really it’s just the result of reading many books at the same time and finally finishing them.

The two audiobooks I read this week were just okay, although objectively good, neither really impressed me too much – maybe I’m still having audiobook hangover from Lock Every Door? It’s possible. It was just so good.

I received from Netgalley:

40382231. sy475 43807023. sy475

On Audible, I got:

the turn of the key ruth ware

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Weekly Wrap Up

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The Sunday Snuggle W40/2019: September Wrap Up, Giveaway Winner

Hello readers!

I love this first week of October because it’s when all the Halloween TBRs and recommendations start showing up in blogs and I just love reading those. That’s how I found out about some of my favorite books of all time – I love a good creepy read.

The giveaway is now over and I’m happy to announce the winner!

🥳 The Orangutan Librarian🥳

I’ve DM-ed and emailed you about it, and I’m so glad you won – I’ve followed your blog for ages and have lots of fun with your posts, so I’m really content with the result! 🙂

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September Wrap Up

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 38 2019

Hello readers!

This has been another crazy week – from very long days at work to wedding planning and visiting a bunch of people, I have no idea how I’m coming out alive at all. In fact, I’m 56% sure I died sometime around Wednesday.

Still, reading-wise the week was pretty good. There is a construction going on right now on my way to work, which means I have to wait for my bus somewhere between quite longer than usual, giving me a few more minutes to read. Plus I’ve been having crazy lunch hours at work, leaving me by myself for lunch – Peace! Quiet! Reading time. That, plus all the travelling to go visit people actually added up a LOT and I ended up reading a lot this week. My TBR says thank you; my gym membership, not so much.

Oh yeah – I have a giveaway live on my blog! If you live in Europe, make sure to sign up, and if you don’t – pass it on so people will see it! My viewership from Europe is much smaller than from the US, but I thought it’d be nice to have one done for them – there’s so many giveaways out there exclusively for the US! One day I’ll do one just for my South American viewers! 🙂 (that’s only my mom, probably) Here is the prize:


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The Sunday Snuggle Week 37 2019

Hello readers!

It’s been quite a week here, so very hectic and with no signs of slowing down until maybe October. Which means that I didn’t get to read a whole lot, but I’m still happy with what I got done. I will start THIS WEEK a book giveaway, so keep an eye out for a post about it this week, and a Twitter announcement too!

I bought, as you see on the tweet above, the GORGEOUS editions of two books I’ve been really looking forward to reading!

the blind assassin margaret atwood on beauty zadie smith

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 36 2019

Hello readers!

I am now back from vacation and pretty glad to say I got some reading done! Not as much as I hoped, especially on the ARCs side, but it’s something. I bought quite a few books on my trip, a lot of them are Brazilian lit, which I’m pretty glad about, and all of them gorgeous. I will post in the next few days about that, because today I’m writing in a bit of a hurry and I’d like to show and talk about those books a bit more.

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My Readings This Week

20 mil leguas submarinas jules verne

I am done with 20 Thousand Leagues under the Sea! This was fun, albeit way too verbose in my opinion. Such an interesting book, not without its flaws, that reminded why I loved Jules Verne when I was younger. I even got another book from my dad by him! Continue reading

The Sunday Snuggle Week 35 2019

Hello readers!

This week I had vacation, so I could pick up a few books! And now it’s September, so I will be joining the readathon that Rachel & Hannah created for reading ARCs! I have started a bit early by joining Chelle’s 72h Readathon, and will list down below what I read for that.

This year is going by so fast, it’s crazy. I’m a little over 80 books into my reading challenge, which is SO much and I am quite surprised by how much I read already this year. How are your reading challenges going? Do you have any personal challenges that aren’t just the amount of books you read?

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 34 2019

Hello readers!

Sooo I forgot last week to add 3 books to my list of books I read, which means this week’s reading will include those and therefore make me look like such a fast reader. Anyway.

I’m on vacation now, and how that will affect my blogging for the next couple weeks I don’t know, since normally I find more time for reading and blogging on vacation but sometimes I spend actual time with people and go unwillingly into a  blogging & reading hiatus. So we will see – I have pre-scheduled a few posts already, though, so definitely won’t be more than a few days of hiatus, if it happens at all.

I received an eARC:


And I got an audiobook:

lock every door by riley sager

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 33 2019

Hello readers!

It’s been a while since the last Sunday Snuggle, but we’re back! I love writing these posts – however, I’ve been trying to keep my blog more or less up-to-date with my readings, and doing 1 review posts per week was not enough, so I’ve decided to stop the Sunday Snuggle posts for a while until those were more or less up-to-date.

I’ve also changed my posting days to: Monday-Wednesday-Sunday. I know two days in a row and then 4 days of no posts isn’t IDEAL and the Book Blogger Scheduling gods are mad at me, but I think this scheduling will help me answer comments faster, because on the weekends I hardly touch my laptop.

I’ve moved in together with my fiancé in the meantime since my last Sunday Snuggle, and discovered, to no one’s surprise, that we have way too much stuff. I’m getting rid of many books, including stuff I didn’t even read, so would you guys be interested in a giveaway of a bunch of books either unread or read one time (so, lightly used)? I know giveaways are normally brand-new books, and some people dislike getting books other people already owned, but I have so many books and I already frequently (and rather abundantly) donate them, so I thought it’d be nice this time to do a giveaway instead.

This week, I bought digital copies of:

A Room of One's Own by [Woolf, Virginia, Classics, MyBooks] Mansfield Park by [Austen, Jane] Villette by [Brontë, Charlotte]

(can you sense a theme?)

From Netgalley, I received:

aphrodite made me do it trista mateer

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 22 2019


Hello readers!

I didn’t write a Sunday Snuggle last week because I wanted to read and post as soon as possible all the books I’ve been reading for the Women’s Prize Longlist. Since I didn’t want to be late and have still books being read by the time the result came out, I’ve been prioritizing posting those reviews.

By the way! I am in the middle of moving from two different apartments in two different cities to a third one in a third city… so the posts in the blog will probably be a lot of pre-scheduled reviews I’ve been saving up, and fewer Sunday Snuggles, discussions and other posts that I normally write closer to the posting date… a lot of reviews of books I’ve read months ago, too. And I will be late with answering comments, I think… so please be patient if my content becomes a little boring in these next couple months! It’s because I’ll be only able to use my hands to pack boxes and will be covered in paint all the time, probably.

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