The Sunday Snuggle Week 33 2019

Hello readers!

It’s been a while since the last Sunday Snuggle, but we’re back! I love writing these posts – however, I’ve been trying to keep my blog more or less up-to-date with my readings, and doing 1 review posts per week was not enough, so I’ve decided to stop the Sunday Snuggle posts for a while until those were more or less up-to-date.

I’ve also changed my posting days to: Monday-Wednesday-Sunday. I know two days in a row and then 4 days of no posts isn’t IDEAL and the Book Blogger Scheduling gods are mad at me, but I think this scheduling will help me answer comments faster, because on the weekends I hardly touch my laptop.

I’ve moved in together with my fiancé in the meantime since my last Sunday Snuggle, and discovered, to no one’s surprise, that we have way too much stuff. I’m getting rid of many books, including stuff I didn’t even read, so would you guys be interested in a giveaway of a bunch of books either unread or read one time (so, lightly used)? I know giveaways are normally brand-new books, and some people dislike getting books other people already owned, but I have so many books and I already frequently (and rather abundantly) donate them, so I thought it’d be nice this time to do a giveaway instead.

This week, I bought digital copies of:

A Room of One's Own by [Woolf, Virginia, Classics, MyBooks] Mansfield Park by [Austen, Jane] Villette by [Brontë, Charlotte]

(can you sense a theme?)

From Netgalley, I received:

aphrodite made me do it trista mateer

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 22 2019


Hello readers!

I didn’t write a Sunday Snuggle last week because I wanted to read and post as soon as possible all the books I’ve been reading for the Women’s Prize Longlist. Since I didn’t want to be late and have still books being read by the time the result came out, I’ve been prioritizing posting those reviews.

By the way! I am in the middle of moving from two different apartments in two different cities to a third one in a third city… so the posts in the blog will probably be a lot of pre-scheduled reviews I’ve been saving up, and fewer Sunday Snuggles, discussions and other posts that I normally write closer to the posting date… a lot of reviews of books I’ve read months ago, too. And I will be late with answering comments, I think… so please be patient if my content becomes a little boring in these next couple months! It’s because I’ll be only able to use my hands to pack boxes and will be covered in paint all the time, probably.

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 18 2019


Hello readers!

I am back from vacation and now I’m 75% pasta, I’m pretty sure. It’s been really nice but honestly I was missing my home a lot on the last days. Obviously, now that I am home, I miss being on vacation.

I haven’t posted the Sunday Snuggle in 3 weeks or so, so my reading list is quite longer than usual. I didn’t get too much reading done, but I’m quite pleased with the amount I did get done. On the other hand, I’m now quite late with reviewing these books and hopefully will be able to write the reviews based on the notes I took! Let’s see!

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 14 2019


Hello readers!

Sooo this week I got sick. Which is good news for my reading and not so great news for… everything else. I got my running training a bit off, my medication makes me sleepy and so on. But it’s ok! I’m better now and ready to get back on track! 🙂

This is the last Sunday Snuggle for the weeks, since I will be on vacation for two weeks and will not be able to update weekly. I’ve scheduled a lot of posts and substituted the Sunday Snuggles for other posts, reviews and so on 🙂 So you guys will definitely be provided for, I will just be late answering comments.

I got the following ebooks:

bottled goods sophie van llewyn the pisces melissa broder

And the following audiobooks:

praise song for the butterflies bernice l mcfadden my lovely wife samantha downing

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 13 2019


Hello readers!

This has been quite a week. I got lots of audiobook reading done, including in the gym. I find that thrillers a lot of times work really well for cardio, because I get so tense during the story that it’s great to use up some energy while reading! I also had a quieter weekend, so had a bit more time to read than usual.

I bought the following Audiobooks:

the silent patient alex michaelidesnumber one chinese restaurant lillian liswan song kelleigh greenberg-jephcott

Clearly I was a bit excited with audiobooks this week. I walk basically everywhere I go, so it’s great to have stuff to listen to while you walk to the market, to work, or when you wash dishes and so on. I had to listen to The Silent Patient in speed 1.0x because otherwise it would not last enough for the week and I want to pick up Swan Song next week only.

I also got the following eARC:

the dragon republic r f kuang

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 12 2019


Hello readers!

I am finally getting my reading schedule a bit more organized and finding ENERGY after my workouts, job and general life to read a bit. So we finally have some new stuff on the Sunday Snuggle this week!

As you guys know, I’ve been spending more time getting healthy this year. From getting my sleep schedule in order to lowering body fat, among other things. I asked on Twitter about this, and you can see the result below! But I’d like to ask again on my blog, just in case! 🙂

I received the following eARCs:

savage appetites rachel monroe the fever king victoria lee

I bought these books:
the seven husbands of evelyn hugo taylor jenkins reid white houses amy bloom Unseen World PA.indd the bell jar sylvia plath ordinary people diana evans

I’ve already read Evelyn Hugo & The Bell Jar, but I didn’t own physical copies, and now I do!! There are a couple more books arriving next week, which I’m super excited for. Also my boyfriend and I will have our anniversary next weekend and… you guessed it, we exchange books.

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 11 2019


Hello readers!

As you see from my picture this week, I haven’t been reading much. I did, however, listen to an audiobook while at the gym with my bookish socks WHICH I LOVE, BEST SOCKS EVER. So… I guess that’s my picture for this Sunday Snuggle. I am practicing to participating on a 5K in July and OMG I’m a potato who can’t run, but I’m stubborn enough to keep trying. Also I told a lot of people about it already (including you guys now), so I can’t back off. Nothing quite like accountability and peer pressure to motivate a person.

I’ve been very hyped lately for the Women’s Prize for Fiction, so next week I’ll be picking up one or two of the contestants! I don’t think I’ll read the whole list, since not all of them interest me, but a big chunk for sure.

This week I got a credit on Audible and I haven’t been able to listen to many books lately, so I had to choose carefully what I would get, since it will probably be the only audiobook I’ll have time to listen to the whole month *sweats profusely* . So, obviously, I decided to be very scientific about it… and asked Twitter:

And so I got:

daisy jones and the six taylor jenkins reid

Thank you all for voting! 🙂 I will get the other two books at another point, as well. All three sound fascinating.

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 10 2019



Hello readers!

I am editing the format of the Sunday Snuggle a little. Since I am reading less and spending less time blogging, I often haven’t shared many links or videos, so I’m going to cut those sections out and perhaps mention a couple links in this introduction part.

If you missed, it I posted a rather exciting list this week! Here it is:

Seasonal Posts: post ideas for book bloggers for all year around, month-by-month

I had lots of fun writing that one, so be sure to check it out and get some inspiration! 🙂

A week ago the Women’s Prize for Fiction long list dropped!!

I actually read 2 of the list already and own another 3 from that list… I will try and read at least those three before the shortlist comes up in June, and then maybe a few more? I think I can’t read all of them (neither am I interested in all of them), but surely at least a few. Do you think Milkman will snatch that prize, too??

This week was Women’s Day and my boyfriend gave me this book from the longlist (!!! thank you!)

an american marriage tayari jones

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