The Sunday Snuggle Week 50 2018


Hello readers!

I have a giveaway going on in Twitter! Here is the link if you wanna join, and it goes on until December 21, when I announce the 2 winners. I haven’t decided on the prize yet, but it will probably be a book from Book Depository.

I’m trying to read as many books published 2018 as possible, and publish the reviews before the year ends. I’m not participating on Blogmas, but I like the idea of posting a lot of reviews of books from this year still this year. There’s still many to go, but I know my TBR will be much longer this year once books get published next year.

This was accidentally helped by the fact that I got a bit ill this week and thus made shorter hours at work, and also went only once to the gym. Suddenly, I had lots more free time.

From Netgalley I received:

An american marriage tayari jones 36392966

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 49 2018


Hello readers!

This week was a bit unproductive reading-wise. Not quite a slump, but I’m not excited about one of the books I’m reading so I’ve been postponing a lot and didn’t get much reading done. Also a got a bit sick and was mostly sleeping after work instead of reading… but well! Happens. How are you guys doing?

I received Ms. Victorious‘ debut book, which is called Guardian of the Auras and described by her as a mix of Furyborn and Game of Thrones, and it honestly sounds so wonderful!

Guardian of the Auras victoria moschou

On Audible, I got:

the kiss quotient helen hoang six wakes mur laufferty

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 48 2018


(yes, that’s Dumbledore)

Hello readers!

Welcome to December!! My favorite month of the year, even after I moved to Germany and now Decembers are goddamn COLD. There’s Christmas, and my birthday, and vacation, and Silvester, and then my sister’s birthday just two days after the month is over. Also, in just a few weeks my favorite posts to read come around: best books of the year, new releases of 2019 people are looking forward to… always really nice posts to read. Can you tell I’m excited?

On Audible, I got:

My Sister, the Serial Killer oyinkan braithwaite

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 47 2018


Hello readers!

This was a different week in the blog, as I’ve posted a six-part GIF series for bookish posts instead of my usual 1 review and 1 list/recommendations/discussion post. I wasn’t sure if this series would be interesting for you guys, but I personally always use GIFs on my posts so I thought it would be nice to have a place to go to for specifically bookish GIFs, instead of searching for them for every time I write something new. I got only a few responses on those and they are slightly less popular than my other posts, but I don’t mind it. I think it’s a nice series.

Anyway! This was a unique week! I acquired NO books at all. Wow, this is a first since… I have no idea?

Reading-wise it was such an interesting week – this week’s reading theme seems to be “female relationships”, with Based on a True Story, Spinning Silver and now Paper Wasp. Even WWRWW can be seen as a bit of that too. Normally reading about a topic or a certain genre makes me want to read something entirely different afterwards, but this week I was all about books with a similar theme, although they are each different from one another (one fantasy, one nonfiction, one contemporary and one mystery). Curious, huh! What are very specific plots that you like to read?

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 45 2018


Hello readers!

I had a week-long vacation and spend a few days in Berlin. I went to English bookstores and basically threw a party there, as you will see from the list of books I bought… and I have no regrets! I knew I was going to get a lot of new books, so I put extra effort on my OWNtober challenge. I was very much in a poetry mood, it seems.

From Edelweiss:

pride prejudice and other flavors sonali dev

I’m so excited for this one! I have only liked one Pride and Prejudice retelling from those I’ve read, but I have high hopes for this one.

From Netgalley:

the girl who smiled beads clemantine wamariya the only woman in the room marie benedict the outlaw and the upstart king the paper wasp lauren acampora

Books I bought:

women who run with wolves clarissa pinkola estes selected poems of emily dickinson worlds of you beau taplin the trial franz kafka the magic mountain thomas mann all about love bell hooks ariel sylvia plath shadow of the wind carlos ruiz zafron the silence of the girls pat barker bitter orange claire fuller rosewater tade thompson

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 43 2018


Hello readers!

Next week I will be travelling during the weekend, so I won’t be able to have a Sunday Snuggle next Sunday, but I have scheduled another post for that day! The weather has changed quite suddenly here in Germany, and the lack of sunlight till 8h30 plus cold wind is giving me headaches. Which, for spending most of my work time doing high concentration stuff is great…  Ibuprofen is my new best friend. It’s been 3 years and still this change of weather always makes me so exhausted & headachy. Any of you guys feel this too?

On Edelweiss, I got:

notes on a nervous planet matt haig here and now and then mike chen

I can’t believe this is available for download. I LOVE Matt Haig’s books! My week just got 1000% better.

On Netgalley, I downloaded:

book love debbie tung

Yessssssss for Debbie Tung! This is as Read Now on Netgalley and I might have squeaked a bit when I saw it.

Aaaand I have no self control and bought the following books:

nine perfect strangers liane moriarty catwoman sarah j maas explorers on witch mountain alex bell provenance ann leckie

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 42 2018


Hello readers!

The picture above is me listening to An Unkindness of Ghosts while spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME in this puzzle. I swear it took me days. In my defense, I was a bit slow from my illness and medication. But still. At least I got to listen to a few hours of this book!

I finally got better from my infection, so I’m back to work. I did use my time to read more this week, though, and I’m quite happy with that, because being sick is incredibly boring. I’ve also used the time to clean up my TBR. Let’s say I’m too generous with the concept for “being interested in a book” and I don’t actually want to read a lot of the stuff I have there. So, for the first time since I don’t know when, I have fewer than 200 books on my TBR! My objective is to eventually not even need a secondary TBR and have one list only of the books I want to read. Do you guys also have a secondary TBR??

On Kindle I got:

academic curveball james j cudney

I know I’m supposed to be on a book ban, but it’s James’ book and it’s a cozy mystery and I’m not even sorry.

As a physical book, I got:

sourdough robin sloan

I knoww… but it’s such a short book, and it sounds so interesting!

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 41 2018


Hello readers!

Aaaaand last week’s sore throat is now a full-on cold. But it’s okay, I just took lots of rest and did a bit of reading, when my head allowed. I was not as productive as I wanted, but being honest, I was sleeping a lot of the time…

This weekend my boyfriend and I did a readathon! It didn’t go super well, but I am still tired from illness, so I’m fine with the result. On other news, I have LOTS of videos this time on my recommendations. I was sick and quite bored. I’ve seen so many book recommendations, spooky TBRs and makeup tutorials this week. Please send help.

Despite not having read as much as I wanted to, I still got quite some reading done (do take into consideration I’ve been home all week due to my illness… this is not what I normally read in a week). My TBR is FINALLY under 200!!! Okay so my secondary TBR is still over 100 books, but WHO CARES.

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The Sunday Snuggle Week 40 2018


Hello readers!

This week has been quite something, the weather changed so many times I started getting a sore throat by Thursday… now it’s Sunday and I don’t have much of a voice left. But that’s okay – at least we got a warmer weekend, which was quite nice. I could enjoy a bit of sunlight and warmth before Fall starts turning really cold.

In case you didn’t know, this week started OWNtober! I will be tweeting about the books I read with the hashtag #OWNtober and on the thread below:

Books I got on Audible:

an unkindness of ghosts rivers solomon a discovery of witches deborah harkness

I know I wasn’t exactly supposed to get new books… but they are audiobooks, which I read about one or two per week, so it would be quite missing from my daily routine without one… or two.

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