Grown-Up Butterbeer Recipe

Hello bookworms!

Today I got an exciting post to share with you! Last year, my boyfriend and I attempted to follow a few recipes to get to the perfect Butterbeer made with actual beer. Our first attempt became very buttery and oily and was difficult to swallow after a while – but this year we’re back at it, with a different recipe. While we read some amazing recipe ideas, we decided in the end to go for an adapted version of this Best Butterbeer Ever Recipe.

I have tried the one from Universal Studios, which tasted more like melted vanilla ice cream and, unsurprisingly, was non-alcoholic. We decided to make an adult version with actual beer!

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Follow me on social media! (I’ll follow back)

Hello bookworms!

I’ve created Instagram this week! I’m slowly finding the social media of the blogs I follow, but I’m kinda very slow at it (just kinda?), so please follow me there and I’ll follow you back! I would love to see what you guys post! Also please let me know your Twitter & Goodreads accounts so I can properly stalk everyone.

(Shameless self-advertising, I know…)

Instagram: @natysbookshelf

Twitter: @natysbookshelf


Thank you! ❤

Mental Health Break

Hello guys,

I’m taking the next few days off. I’ve been dealing with some personal issues that need my attention now, and I am not sure when I will be back entirely – could be this weekend, next month, no idea. I don’t think I will be 100% off (I love blogging, after all), but will decrease the frequency of my interactions a lot. There are 3 weeks worth of posts already programmed here, so the blog won’t suffer too much from it. Just letting you guys know.

With love,


Update: I’ve been getting lots of love from you guys, thank you so much! ❤ you are awesome!


100 Followers – Thank You!

Dear awesome readers!

I reached yesterday 100 followers! This is absolutely fantastic and I didn’t quite imagine when I started this blog in May that I’d reach 100 followers in a month and half. This is amazing and I am so thankful to all of you! So,

Thank you!

Dumbledore Snape Party

I don’t think anyone starts book blogging to get their blog super big, popular, famous rockstar, get interviewed by Ellen and put your handprints on the Hall of Fame. But it feels so good to see you guys like my content and interact. I’ve met some pretty awesome people with such amazing blogs and I am happy to be a part of the community. It’s so good to have a group of people that love reading and love discussing books, and I’ve gotten amazing recommendations, seen books I disliked through a different light and participated in fun book tags!

I will not get this too long, I just wanted a short post to say I appreciate you guys a lot!

So… back to reading, then!

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First blog post


Dear readers,

welcome to my blog! My name is Naty and I am thrilled to start a new blog about books – as said on the “About” page, this is my second blog on this theme. My first one included an obsessive amount of The Lord of the Rings posts and far too many pictures of Legolas, which are a couple things I wish to avoid this time around.

My rating system will be the com 5-star one. Here is what each rating means:

My native tongue is Portuguese, meaning sometimes my English may be a bit rough on the edges, and my sentences may come out a little weird. My intention is to write posts mainly in English, but sometimes in Portuguese as well, as some Brazilian books that are my favorites aren’t published in English (yet!).

Please feel free to leave book recommendations, your personal impressions on the things I write about and any other comments you feel like. I will respond as often as possible!

Happy readings!

With love,