Reviews Policy

Naty’s Bookshelf is currently not accepting requests for reviews.

All books here reviewed are bought by me, lent to me by friends and/or family, borrowed from the library, received from Netgalley free of charge, or received by authors/publishing houses by also free of charge.

Once finished, the books are returned if I borrowed them, either kept or passed ahead through donation or to friends if I bought them myself . Books received from Netgalley, publishers or authors are deleted from my reading device once finished.

The reviews posted reflect my honest opinion on the books read, which means occasionally I will post negative reviews on books, independent of the origin of acquiring it. I reserve the right to also post negative reviews on books received free of charge, dependent my own judgment.

My rating system works as follows:

  • 1 star: I have not enjoyed the book at all and cannot speak for its merits either.
  • 2 stars: I have not enjoyed the book, however I can see its merits and I think other people might like it.
  • 3 stars: I have enjoyed this book, see it has merits, but for some reason (that I will describe in the review) it did not impress me too much.
  • 4 stars: I have enjoyed this book very much and highly recommend it, but it has small flaws
  • 5 stars: I have enjoyed this book very much, highly recommend it and its flaws are too small to make a difference on my positive impression on the book.

There is no monetary gain from my reviews.

The reviews I write will be posted on the following media: