Fun Quizzes for Bookworms!

Hi bookworms!

So, I love quizzes. I’d do quizzes all day, if it was a profession. So I thought maybe you guys also love quizzes and more specifically bookish quizzes, because if there is something bookworms like to do, is sort themselves in Hogwarts houses, Prythian courts, kids of Olympian gods and so on… SO WELL. If you didn’t know how to spend the next few hours doing something totally productive, I’m here to help you!

So I’ve separated into categories so it’s easier for you, for example, if you haven’t read Harry Potter and don’t quite care what house you belong to, you can just skip until you find a series you are more curious about, or you can skip to the last part, where I put more general bookish questions, not related to specific books.

A Court of Thorns and Roses

What Court Would You Belong To?

Which ACOTAR character are you? Continue reading