Discussion: What do you put in your bookish spreadsheet?

Hello readers!

This post is categorized under “Discussion”, but probably should have its own category of “Help me please”. I am going to start putting the books I review under a spreadsheet, as I would like to collect more information than I can do with WordPress and Goodreads alone. The things is: I am not sure of all the categories I’d like to put! I got some inspiration from this Book Riot post and this Lose Time Reading post.

The idea is to make future lists, statistics and organization easier, both for blogging and personal life. So here are the categories I’ve come up with! Please let me know if you have ideas of what else I should add!

General Info:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Date published
  • Pages
  • Standalone? Y/N
  • Name of series
  • Number in series

Blogging Data:

  • Review posted? Y/N
  • Date review was published
  • Rating
  • ARC? Y/N
  • Genres
  • Recommended? Y/N

Info for Statistics

  • Author gender
  • Author nationality
  • Author POC? Y/N
  • Book setting
  • Date started
  • Date finished
  • How I got the book (bought/received by Netgalley, etc)

6 thoughts on “Discussion: What do you put in your bookish spreadsheet?

  1. I also keep track of where I posted the review of certain books; simply because some books don’t exist on Amazon yet – or I can’t post my review on there yet. That way, it’s easy to check if I feel like rechecking everything, haha.
    [I want to find a good and easy template for my notebook for this kind of stuff but haven’t found one yet.. I hate having to rely on my computer all the time for stuff like this..]

    I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award, btw! So if you’re up for it:

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