Review: One Dark Throne (Three Dark Crowns, #2), by Kendare Blake

One Dark Throne Kendara Blake

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

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One Dark Throne is the second volume of the Tree Dark Crown series, a dark fantasy story around three sisters, each with their own magical inclinations: Katharine is a poisoner, Mirabella is an elemental and Arsinoe is a naturalist. The three of them must fight to death in order to become Queen, and using their powers, knowledge and cunning to achieve that, they are raised since childhood with this objective in their hearts.

Much like Three Dark Crowns, I very much wanted to love this book and this series. After being disappointed with the first installment, I decided to buy the second book and read it anyways, since the blurb indicated that this one was even better than the first. Since I want to love this so badly, I gave it a second chance.

Unfortunately, my problems with this novel were quite the same as for Three Dark Crowns: the writing style of the author simply does not agree with me and I find myself impatiently flipping through the pages and trying to like a series I just can’t like. While very entertaining and with such creative and dark plot, the dialogue seemed too shallow and not very relevant at times for the development of the story or of the characters, and the world building was still lacking a lot. The persistent naïveté of the main characters also upset me a little.

What stopped me from giving this book a two-star rating was the fact that I loved Katharine in this novel! If you haven’t read Three Dark Crowns, please skip to the next paragraph, as this is a spoiler for volume 1. [SPOILER OF BOOK 1] But after Katharine is thrown to her death into the abyss and comes back against all odds, she is dark, vicious and more powerful than before. At the same time, for all the had suffered all those years, I really felt for her and hope she’d win. She alone saved the book for me. [END OF SPOILER]

While I love the premise of this series, I found that I don’t quite care anymore for the next two books and I won’t be continuing to read it. This is not to say I don’t recommend this series – I actually do, if you like Young Adult Fantasy and would like to read something darker but have not much interest in a strong world-building. I personally prefer a different writing style.

12 thoughts on “Review: One Dark Throne (Three Dark Crowns, #2), by Kendare Blake

  1. It was originally supposed to be a duology, and then two more books were added. I honestly don’t see how this story can be dragged out for two more installments, but I suppose I’m still just interested enough to pick up the third one. While the first one was just okay, I did find myself liking this one a bit more, but I can absolutely see why not everyone likes it.

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    • I didn’t know it was supposed to be a duology! I guess I would’ve liked it far more like that. I’m glad you’re continuing with the series, I’m actually curious as to what happens next, but not quite enough to pick up the next books.


      • There’s nothing wrong with that. I suppose I will see how book three is and that will determine if I get book four. This is an okay series for me, but so far it isn’t anywhere close to being a must buy series or something I would definitely recommend.

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  2. Too bad you ended up not liking the second installment as much… I know the feeling. When the writing style doesn’t sit well with you, it’s hard to navigate through the book. I’ve been there many times myself!

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