The Sunday Snuggle W43/2019: Weekly Wrap Up, How I did on #Tropeathon

Hello readers!

This week I participated in Tropeathon, and well, I failed. But I did very well (2 books finished for the readathon and 1 eARC, plus starting Jade War) and I’m content with the result! If I’d read any more than that, I would certainly not be able to do other things this week and that’s okay. Next week I have the October Wrap Up coming up and I don’t really know if I’ll be able to read all the books I’d intended for the month! I’m only done with 2 of the 5 books and honestly I have no idea how I’ll read 4 books until Thursday. Probably won’t be able to make it either *sigh*

Oh and I completed my challenge in Goodreads of reading 100 books!

Next year I’m setting the challenge at a lower number, because I wanted this year to get lots of books off my TBR and be able to choose my next read more freely instead of always worrying about the new releases and eARCs I have. In terms of ARCs I’m actually happy with my progress, although I hope to make more before the year is out. But my TBR somehow does not shrink nor grows particularly, always somewhere between 180 and 220 books. Hopefully next year I’ll get it to 100.

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Weekly Wrap Up

the dragon republic r f kuang missing presumed dead emma berquist jade war fonda lee

I finished The Dragon Republic and it was so good! Not as powerful as the first one, but solidly making way for an intense ending that I am really excited for! It was in any case an excellent read.

I read Missing, Presumed Dead for Tropeathon! This was such a great YA ghost story with murder mystery AND it’s F/F. It’s really dark, too. I am quite happy to have finally read this. Highly recommend this gem, especially now for Halloween!

I started Jade War also for the readathon, but I’m not finished! I was supposed to read it only at night, which makes it really hard, considering it’s 600 pages long and I started it Wednesday. So I’m about 10% through, and LOVING it. This book is so good.

Now I Rise Kiersten White bibliophile jane mount

I read Now I Rise also for Tropeathon! I was rather underwhelmed by it unfortunately, and I don’t think it was the book’s fault at all – but the tone of the book reminded me too much of The Poppy War but not quite as good, and I’ve lately not really been on the mood for YA… considering it was the second YA book I read this week, it’s unsurprising that I felt saturated. I think the book was great – I was just not in the mood for it and at some point just wanted it finished. Still highly recommend the series if you love a good, dark YA fantasy!

Some time last week I started Bibliophile, which has been standing on my coffee table for a while but I hadn’t picked up yet! This is so cute and I look forward to reading it from time to time!

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What have you read this week?

10 thoughts on “The Sunday Snuggle W43/2019: Weekly Wrap Up, How I did on #Tropeathon

  1. Congrats on reaching your Goodreads goal Naty!! I am pretty close to reaching mine as well. Also you did really well with Tropeathon. My reading was off this week and I only managed to read one and a half books for the readathon. Hopefully the next round will be better for both of us.

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  2. Congrats on reaching your reading goal! I never find it a pressure to set a number but there is still always a sense that when I’ve reached it I can finally read some longer or more time consuming books so I’m thinking I need to approach it differently in future. I’m currently trying to catch up on review books as much as I can before the year’s out and then my reading time will be more my own next year.

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    • Thank you, Hayley! Yes, I’m so late on lots of eARCs, I hope I can catch up with those before the year is out. And I think it’s a good idea not to have a number challenge, if it suits your reading style better. The pressure can make you read smaller books that you don’t care much about instead of bigger books you actually want to read… good luck with your reading goals!

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