Seasonal Posts: post ideas for book bloggers for all year around, month-by-month

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Hello readers!

This is the first post I write for the Blogging Tips category (you can see other posts on the “Blogging Tips” link on the menu on the right). For this one, I’m giving some ideas of seasonal posts for book bloggers, meaning posts you can write for each month of the year, every year (if you want to! Obviously, that is not mandatory at all), to help out for when you run out of ideas (which we all do). I linked some of my blog posts to give ideas of how to do it! I’m also adding important holidays and some author’s birthdays.

I haven’t added memes and readathons to the list. This is mostly focused on holidays.

Link on the comment sections some of the seasonal posts you liked writing, or some themes I might have forgotten!

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(2) US National Science Fiction Day

(18) US National Winnie the Pooh Day: Share your favorite childhood books

(Fourth Wednesday in January) Library Shelfie Day

(27) International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust

World War II is not that far away – lots of us have grandparents or greatgrandparents that went through those terrible times. Sharing some books that are placed in WWII can help people understand the impact of the Holocaust and how it still affects people today.

(28) Pride and Prejudice is published, 1813

Releases of the new year you’re looking forward to

Books Coming Out on 2019 I’m Looking Forward To

New year resolutions

Bookish or otherwise. Alternatively, you can post your reading challenges, or both!

My Bookish New Year’s Resolutions

Re-organizing your books

If you feel like new year, new bookshelf, you could try organizing your bookshelf in a new way to make it easier to find your favorite books! It’s very popular to organize them by color, but you can try by author surname, by genre, by size… whatever you like!

Books released last year you want to get to this year

Because we can never read everything we want in the timeframe we would like.

Uplifting reads to cheer up on Blue Monday

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(1) International Hijab Day

A great opportunity to recommend books with amazing heroines who wear hijabs!

(1 – 7) National US Children’s Authors and Illustrator Week

Share your favorite children’s books, illustrated books, etc

(11) Day of Women and Girls in Science

Share your favorite books or TBR with tech girls!

(14) Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is a great opportunity overall to have romantic posts going on: best literary couples, discussions on the romance genre, your favorite romance books, your favorite romance in (insert genre here) Valentine’s dates ideas on the budget based on books, best/worst romance tropes, even quizzes! It’s also Starting the Monday before and ending the Sunday after V-day is Romance Week in Goodreads, you can also post a TBR for this week!

Valentine’s Day: A Romance Books Discussion

Quiz: Which Overly Specific Typical YA Couple Are You Based on the YA Books You Pick?

(14)  US National Library Lovers Day

Share some of your favorite libraries, or which you’d like to visit, or a personal story with libraries. Great alternative to Valentine’s day.

(Second week of February) Freelance Writers Appreciation Week

(21) International Mother Language Day

If you’re an international book blogger, it’s a great opportunity to share some books in your own language that you love, even better if it’s been translated and bloggers from other countries can read them, too!

Black History Month

The month is far too short for such a great theme… you can spend the month reading black authors and share your TBR, or participating in some of the readathons going on around this! You can recommend books with black main characters from a particular genre… You can even merge Black History Month and Valentine’s and recommend the best romances by black authors!

Black History Month: What I Read and What I Added

US National Library Lovers Month

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(2 – 8) Read an Ebook Week

Share your TBR. Alternatively, you can talk about if you prefer ebooks, or in which circumstances you prefer ebooks to physical books, or your top 10 ebooks in your device you haven’t read yet, or top 10 ebooks on sale you recommend.

(6) Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Birthday

(8)  International Women’s Day

This is also a great theme! You can go intersectional with your recommendations and get: books by black women, books with women in tech, historical books with black women, YA fantasies with strong female leads and no romance plot,

Book Recommendations If You Liked “The Handmaid’s Tale”

(20) World French Language Day

A great opportunity to share your favorite books translated from French!

(20) International Happiness Day

Share books about the search for happiness, or book that make you happy.

(21) World Poetry Day

(25) Tolkien Reading Day

Spring/Fall releases to look forward to

This works well as a seasonal thing because, although a lot of people list the new releases of the year they look forward to this year, we normally don’t know books that will be released in August or so.

Book recommendations for spring

Spring cleaning your bookshelf

Get rid of books you will never read or re-read!

My Spring Cleaning Book Unhaul

Oscar Season

Share your list of which movies based on books that came out last year you think deserve an Oscar.

International Man Booker Prize Long List

Women’s Prize for Fiction Long List

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(1) Edible Book Festival

(2) International Children’s Book Day

(2) World Autism Awareness Day

(4) The protagonist of 1984 starts writing his diary

(12) D.E.A.R. Drop Everything And Read Day

(13) International Kissing Day

Share your favorite romances with lots of kisses.

(23) World Book Day

Share your favorite books of all time, or the story of how you fell in love with reading.

(23) World Spanish Language Day

Share your favorite books translated from Spanish!

Easter: books where chocolate plays a major part

There are surprisingly many: Chocolat by Joanne Harris, Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, Free Chocolate by Amber Royer etc. Since this is just chocolate-themed, it also a great post idea for International Chocolate Day (July 7) or Valentine’s.

Easter (religious): share your favorite Christian reads

International Man Booker Prize Short List

Here you can post about the books from the short list if you read some of them, or do a readathon for them, or collect opinions from other bloggers/readers on who they think the winner will be! You can also do that from the long list already, which gets released about 2 months before.

Women’s Prize for Fiction Short List

See above for ideas.

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(4) Star Wars Day

If you are a fan of the movies, you can try picking up a book for this day and blogging about it! I am a big fan of the audiobooks a well, which have amazing sound effects.

(Second Week) Reading Is Fun Week

You can here suggest books for non-readers that will convert them into readers!

(First Sunday in May) World Laughter Day

Share some recommendations of books that got you rolling on the floor with laughter.

(25) Towel Day

For towel day, you can talk about Douglas Adam’s books, or what you do for that day every year!

US Audiobook Appreciation Month

Share your favorite audiobooks. Alternatively, you can make discussion posts about audiobooks, whether they “count” as reading, which are your favorite narrators, what genres you prefer reading in audiobook…

International Man Booker Prize

Since the short list stays up for a month and half before the results come in, any readathons or other kind of posts you’d like to do for that also fit for May! Also, you can share your opinions on the winner, if you’ve read them.

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(6) World Russian Language Day

Share your favorite books translated from Russian!

(12) Anne Frank gets a diary for her birthday, 1942

(16) Bloomsday

Celebrate James Joyce’s life and work by reading (or re-reading) Ulysses (16th of June is the day during which the novel takes place).

(22) Octavia Butler’s Birthday

US Pride Month

This is absolutely great material for blogging! If you love reading LGBT+ stories, you can separate in several lists your favorites (gay, lesbian, trans etc…). Even better if it’s #ownvoices. You can also participate on readathons, interview a LGBT+ blogger to talk about their favorite books and why representation matters (or write your own, of course, if you’re part of the community). There are also specific days for the communities, for ex: 23 Sept Bi Visibility Day, March 31 Trans Visibility Day etc.

Book recommendations for summer

Summer/Winter releases to look forward to

Women’s Prize for Fiction

This amazing award highlights the fiction written by women, and it’s a great opportunity to make a readathon, talk about past winners or about your predictions from the short list!

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(3) Franz Kafka’s Birthday

(7) International Chocolate Day

See Easter for ideas!

(31) Harry Potter and J. K. Rowling’s birthdays

Read an Almanac Month

Best books to read at the beach

Although summer technically starts on June, July is officially the hottest month of the year on the Northern Hemisphere, and together with August, accounts for the majority of vacations taken on the beach. So this is perfect for those looking for a last-minute recommendation!

YA Week in Goodreads

End of July is YA Week on Goodreads, and oh my, you can run readathons, share your TBR, recommend the best YA books (in general, or fantasy, or with disability rep… etc), best YA published this year so far.

Mid-Year Update

Share how your bookish challenges are going, your favorite posts you wrote, favorite books you read so far, books that will be published this second half of the year you are looking forward to… go creative!

Man Booker Prize Long List

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(5) International Friendship Day

Write about your favorite friendships from books, or gather a few of your book blogger friends and exchange book recs, chat about books, anything really!

(9) International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

(12) World Youth Day

Share your favorite Middle Grande and YA books! Also, you can talk about why you read those books, if you’re not part of the age range they are recommended for (adults are half of the people reading YA!), and why you think other people should, too.


In many countries, August is the month when the school year starts, so you can share your favorite (or least favorite) reads from school, or recommend books which are set in school. You can also make your own list of books you think should be a part of the school curriculum.

Romance Awareness Month

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Week on Goodreads

Beginning of August Goodreads has their Sci-Fi and Fantasy week, and it’s a great opportunity to share your recs, your genre-benders, your TBR…

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(21) World Gratitude Day

You can write about why you’re thankful to certain books, or books in general. Also a good idea for Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it!

(22) Hobbit Day

I know, I didn’t know about this day either! But it’s a great way to celebrate the Lord of the Rings books, which have so heavily influenced fantasy books nowadays. You can post about fantasy recs for Lord of the Rings fans, you can post about some differences between the books and movies, show off your collection of different book editions, decoration, costumes… whatever you have LoTR-themed!

(25) As You Wish Day

If you’re a fan of The Princess Bride, this is a great opportunity to talk about this classic!

(27) World Tourism Day

This day was created to raise awareness of the impact of tourism in different places. You can share books that definitely give wanderlust, or share books from a country you’d like to visit, or a country you’ve already visited.

(30) World Translation Day

Share your favorite translated works!

Fall releases to look forward to

Man Booker Prize Short List

Much like the International version, a lot of great books get discovered via this prize, and it’s a great opportunity for readathons, publishing reviews, guest posts and so on!

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(1) International Coffee Day

Share your favorite reads where the main character is addicted to coffee, or stories that happen a lot in coffee shops. Alternatively, you can share pics of you coffee mugs and pair them with books!

(6) Mad Hatter Day

(First Full Week of October) Mystery Series Week

(10) World Mental Health Awareness Day

Recommendations of books with characters with mental illness. This is a topic that has recently become more popular to talk about. It isn’t until recently that it was taboo, and it still is for some people, some illnesses, some cultures. So it’s always great to spread awareness through literature!

(16) World Food Day

Share a book that hightlights the importance of privilege and the food we eat, or books where the story revolves around food, or simply your favorite recipe books!

(27) Sylvia Plath’s Birthday

Horror or Creepy TBR for October/Halloween

Also in Goodreads there is Horror Week in the first week of October, so you can have a readathon!

My October 2018 Spooky TBR

Book recommendations for Halloween

Or books that aren’t horror but still fit Halloween (for ex: cozy reads that happen in Halloween, romances).

Man Booker Prize

Now that the result comes out, you can talk about whether your predictions were right, what you think of the winner book and so on!

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(6) US National Non-Fiction Day

Share your favorite non-fiction reads. Alternatively, you can do a post recommending non-fiction books if you liked these fiction books…

(7) Albert Camus’ Birthday

(First Saturday) Book Lovers Day

US National Novel Writing Month: share your experiences

NaNoWriMo is really popular among book bloggers! You can share tips, experiences and perhaps do it together with a friend! If you decide not to participate, you can also talk about that. You can also make a list of popular books that were published after their writers won (or lost) NaNoWriMo.

Cozy reads for the cold weather

Short books to read in the last months of the year to meet your reading challenge

Because by November we are starting to get a bit desperate.

Prediction of the winners of Goodreads Choice Awards

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(1) Sherlock Holmes Day

(16) Jane Austen’s Birthday

(18) International Migrant Day

A great opportunity to talk about migration and share some recommendations that will help shed light on the issue, and different migrant experiences.

(18) World Arabic Language Day

Share your favorite books translated from Arabic (tip: lots of fairy tales).

Read a New Book Month

Book recommendations for Winter/Summer

My Winter 2018/2019 Reading List

Book gifting guide for Christmas

Alternatively, you can suggest books for a particular group: children, pre-teens, mothers etc.

Books released this year you won’t be reading

Anti-TBR #5: Popular books I am not going to read – Released in 2018 Edition

New favorite authors you discovered this year

Winter/Summer releases to look forward to

This involves all the books coming out between December and March of the next year. If you choose to do this one, maybe skip on the January list of books to look forward to (if you want! Nothing wrong at all with having both).

Thoughts on the Goodreads Choice Awards winners

This is a very controversial award, so it’s always interesting to see what people agree or disagree on!

Christmas book haul

Christmas and Birthday 2018 Book Haul

Best/Worst books released in this year

Best Books to Come Out in 2018

Best/Worst books you read this year

The Best Books I Read in 2018

33 thoughts on “Seasonal Posts: post ideas for book bloggers for all year around, month-by-month

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  2. April 2nd is actually known as Autism Acceptance Day by the actually autistic community, rather than autism awareness! Likewise, April is Autism Acceptance Month, rather than “awareness”. Because there’s definitely a difference.

    More info: &

    (And bonus: its celebration color is red, not blue.)

    Autism “Awareness” Day/Month was created by an organization comprised of non-autistic people essentially looking to eradicate autism, which also sympathizes with the parents—especially mothers—who murder their autistic children; it uses a lot of fear-mongering and bribes able-bodied parents with iPads to help make their autistic children more able-bodied.

    This is a good list, I just always feel a need to say something when I see someone calling a corporate-driven holiday “awareness” when it harms the community I’m part of. 😉

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